How To: De-Clutter and Get Organized!

Alright, ladies. It's a new year and spring cleaning time is almost upon us, which means it's time to get serious about that monster of a dust bunny that's been hibernating in the corner since November. I'm here to give you all of the tried-and-true tips to get your house to its cleanest and most organized self. Grab some storage bins, rubber gloves, maybe even a snack (...actually, yes, for SURE a snack), and let's dive right in!                          

Step One: The Closet

Ugh. The closet. Where last season's sweaters have gone to die and.. wait... have I ever even worn this?! The best tip for cleaning out your closet is the One Year Rule: if you've gone a year without wearing something, pay your respects and toss it in the trash, because you've went through every season without reaching for it. I know it's sad to watch them go, but it'll free up so much room in your closet (for new emmer pieces... wink, wink) and you'll just feel like a lighter person. Take your organization one step further and organize your clothes by color or by season!

The Fridge

You remember all of those Christmas leftovers your mom gave you? Yeah. It's time to deal with those. I think we're all guilty of neglecting the fridge clean-out (and maybe stocking up on some unhealthy treats in the process) during winter. Now it's time to throw out all of that unhealthy winter food and get back to stocking up on your health groups and keeping them nice and organized. Always make sure to check your fridge and pantry before going grocery shopping to ensure you don't get things that you already have. This way, they won't be crowding your fridge and they won't be expiring  before you're ready to use them. Organize your fridge by food group - dairy on one shelf, leftovers and eggs on the next shelf, and designate one drawer for meats and one for produce. Make sure to survey your fridge once a week and see what needs to be tossed!

The Laundry Room

A moment of silence for the laundry room, who, for the past few months, has been home to muddy boots, scattered umbrellas, and the endless pile of jackets. We salute you. 

First things first, clear out all dirty and muddy things and give your laundry room a GOOD sweep and mop. Wipe down all surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes. This is where all of the shoes and coats from outside usually get thrown, so be sure to sanitize! Assign specific days for specific loads, like Monday: Lights, Tuesday: Darks, etc. Keep separating color bins right next to the washing machine so it's convenient for everyone to get their clothes in the right spot (we know someone will still manage to leave a random sock on the floor. You can't win 'em all). Fold clothes as soon as they're done in the dryer to avoid a backup in the system!




A Clean House is a Happy House

You're all set and organized! All you need to do is remember to repeat these steps on a regular basis and eliminate as much potential clutter as possible. Apply these steps and tricks to all of the other rooms in your house and you'll be golden. Now, go into your new year and all the new seasons with the clean and organized house you've always wanted!




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January 29, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton

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