90s Clothing Trends

Fashion from all decades is coming back in a big way, and there’s no bigger resurgence than 90s grunge. While we’re happy to relegate some fashion trends to the memories of years past, there are other trends we’re very excited to see back in stores and retailers. If you’re looking to recreate some elevated vintage outfits from 90s clothing trends, Emmer & Oat is here to guide you through a world of possibilities. Learn how to combine 90s vintage fashion with some of our favorite contemporary looks.

1. Animal Print Dresses

Whether it’s midi-length dresses in snakeskin fabric or mini dresses in cheetah print, we can definitely re-imagine some of those animal print dresses from the 90s mixed with today’s trends. Animal patterns are dangerous as prints, as you can end up too deep in the jungle when you overdo it. We believe that taking a unique animal print—like snakeskin or zebra—and combining it with leather accessories is the perfect way to enhance this 90s clothing trend. Throw a leather jacket and some heeled booties over your go-to animal print dress (or even a jumpsuit) and head out the door with a little extra edge.

2. Velvet & Satin

satin cami in stone color

Velvet and satin were definitely the must-have fabrics of 90s fashion. The slinky velvet or satin dress with tiny straps and a slit up the leg was worn by everyone from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Wynona Rider. If you want to take this 90s clothing trend up a notch, we recommend choosing a silky blouse instead of a dress. It’s a much more versatile piece that allows you to mix and match with other 90s vintage fashion to create unique aesthetics. Whether you pair a velvet blouse with acid wash jeans + Keds or a leather skirt + combat boots, you’re bringing the 90s back to life.

3. Vests As Tops

In the 90s, a vest was often worn as a top by itself! The open back lent a little bit of sex appeal to this typically closed and structured piece. The perfect mix of masculine and feminine, wearing a vest as a top allows you to play with androgyny in a new and unique way. Pair a vest with a denim skirt, à la the 90s clothing trend, or opt for a modern twist when you wear the vest silhouette as a one-piece or a pantsuit set.

4. Leather Blazers

blazer with a leather skirt ensemble

The leather blazer’s popularity as a 90s clothing trend probably has more to do with the release of The Matrix movies than anything else. The original look was a long leather duster, but these were a bit impractical, so they evolved into a shorter silhouette that cut off just below the hip. Today’s jackets are more about the cropped moto cut than the full blazer, but we’d love to see how you mix a longer blazer style jacket with skirts, shorts, and pants.

Are any of these 90s trends making you feel inspired to elevate your style? Start shopping our store to find what’s new or explore our blog to find more style inspiration!

March 27, 2021 — Coalition SEO

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