One of our favorite perks of being our own bosses here at emmer & oat is getting to wear what we want, when we want. We love the fact that many modern workplaces are also loosening up their dress codes so that women can go for casual outfits rather than starchy and limiting suits. Are you lucky enough to have a casual dress code at your workplace? Or just still wanting to look great on Casual Friday? While your limitations are few, you may have already noticed that it can be hard to balance comfort with your desire to leave a good impression.

We’re passionate about finding the balance between practicality and spontaneity in fashion. If you love our laid-back boho women’s clothing, then you just might get some useful inspo from this guide we’ve compiled on how to dress casual for your work situation. Read on to find out what our stance is on plain white tees, blazers, and other casual work outfit staples for women.

striped hoodie and four-button skinny jeans

1. Satisfy the Following: Crisp, Clean, and Not Too Lounge-y

Casual doesn’t mean “anything goes.” Even if no one specifically told you what the no-no’s of the dress code are, common sense dictates a few. No flip-flops, dirty sneakers, tank tops, or hole-riddled t-shirts. An outfit should also be wrinkle-free and appear in good shape. It’s also good practice to dress at least one level above what you’d wear while lounging on the couch at home. Sure, some of the best casual outfits for women incorporate stylish sweatpants or a plain white tee, but those are often mixed-and-matched with classier elements to show attention to detail.

In short, iron your clothes and stay sharp!

2. Focus on a Particular Casual Style Profile

With all that fashion freedom available to you, your options are endless. Maybe even too endless. Take advantage of your casual dress code while maintaining fashion sanity by choosing a casual style through-line to stick to. For instance, stay approachable but cute by aiming for a girl-next-door look. Show that you’re chill but business-minded in blazers and slacks in refreshing cuts and colors for some of the most functional casual outfits for women out there!

Focusing on a specific style profile doesn’t mean you’re stuck forever. When the mood hits, you can always change up your look and channel a different kind of energy!

long, layered necklace

3. Throw in Some Dressier Elements

Mastering how to dress casual for work requires knowing how and when to throw in some dressy elements. In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep your outfit looking polished even on an average day. It shows that you have respect for your workplace and care about the image you project there. When women put together a casual work outfit, we try to create focal points with classy pieces of clothing or accessories. Perhaps that’s a good statement jacket, a signature pair of glasses, or a well-coordinated jewelry ensemble. Perhaps you pair your flattering jeans with an artsy blouse. An outfit that’s been spiked with a bit of professionalism can help you leave a positive impression.

4. Invest in Good Casual Shoes and a Bag

Shoes and bags are closet essentials that tend to see a lot of wear. We recommend splurging a little in these two categories to set yourself up for success. Who doesn’t want comfortable feet and a reliable place to stash their stuff? Black, brown, beige, and navy blue shoes and bags work well with most casual outfits for women, but you can also select the best colors for your personal palette. For shoes, we love booties, flats, and classic-looking sneakers. For bags, we love a good leather tote.

5. (Generally) Choose Timeless over Trendy

It’s fun to dress casual at work, but, let’s be honest, you probably keep your fashion A-game for weekends and other non-work settings (unless you work in fashion!). In the workplace, you may want to avoid being distracting (or distracted). When deciding how to dress casual for work, you can keep your closet and your bank account healthy by focusing on timeless looks. The best, most cost-effective casual work outfits for women will last you for more season than one.

casual jeans and cozy sweater

6. Try these Work-Appropriate Casual Looks:

You don’t have to create an entirely new wardrobe to be all set for a casual office. In fact, chances are you can already create some of the following outfits:

  • Casual Dress with Flats/Sandals
  • T-shirt dress with Cardigan
  • Cute Sweater with Slacks or Jeans
  • Blouse with Wide-Leg Pants
  • Crisp Jumpsuit

With a little creativity, most of your laid-back pieces can be incorporated into functional casual work outfits for women.

7. Use Fashion to Feed Your Mood!

Last but not least, make sure to wear whatever gets you in the mood to do your best work. If a yellow sweater makes you happy, now’s your chance to wear it all day, every day! If the dress code is casual but you want to exude authority and professionalism, then feel free to go above and beyond and bring corporate vibes back into the casual space!

At emmer & oat, we’re interested in adapting fashion to serve your daily needs, including both work and down time. Our signature style is confidence-boosting pieces that keep delivering from morning ‘til night. We’d like to help you refresh how you dress casually for work. Find out how to get same-day shipping and other perks, and head to our new arrivals to discover casual work outfits for women that will keep you focused and comfortable. </p>.

November 08, 2018 — Brittany Elliott

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