Valentine’s Day is one of those rare occasions when we advocate dressing to impress someone other than yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that comfort or fun should ever be sacrificed when you plan what to wear on your Valentine’s Day date. How would you play your heart out at the amusement park or scarf down pizza with abandon while worrying about a designer outfit? It simply can’t be done.

This year, impress your special person while still feeling comfortable in your skin by going for a beautiful but casual date night outfit. We’ve got several ideas for you here, and, to make sure we’ve completely got your back, we’ve thrown in some sweet accessorising tips, too!

1. The Dressiest Non-Dress Look: A Sleek Jumpsuit/Romper with Heels

woman in jumpsuit and hat

Casual jumpsuits are proof that you CAN have it all. A sleek jumpsuit combines the polished vibe of a dress with the practicality of a pair of pants. Best of all, thanks to the sheer variety of styles that are available out there, you’re sure to be able to find one that brings out your best. Feeling preppy? Some jumpsuits are totally no-nonsense and corporate-ready. Feeling free-spirited? Some styles are brimming with wanderlust vibes and would look right at home at a music festival. This one-step casual date night outfit idea is so easy that it feels unfair. Good thing it can also help you show off what you’ve got enough to knock your lover over!

How to Accessorize:

Jumpsuits look great with strappy sandals or pumps. Consider topping the look off with a weather-appropriate hat. May we recommend a versatile fedora with that jumpsuit?

2. Unapologetically Flirty: Mini Dress with Thigh High Boots or Heels

olive and white long sleeve dress

How could we talk about what to wear on your Valentine’s Day date without giving casual boho chic dresses a shout-out? While we love the practicality of pants, there will always be a place and time to prance about in your most flattering dress. For your casual date night outfit, we recommend a mini length option that shows off some leg. A bonus if your dress comes in a lovers’ shade of red or glitters with sequins – those shades would definitely get you in the mood for love. If you live in a colder climate, try layering a denim or leather boho jacket over your dress.

How to Accessorize:

One of our favorite ways to wear a mini dress is with thigh high boots, as they give off stylish vibes and have a slimming effect, to boot. To lengthen your legs, consider a pair of heels. Complete the look with a dainty clutch or a more practical cross-body bag, and don’t forget jewelry or oversized scarf!

3. Like a Celeb on Her Day Off: Tunic and Jeans/Leggings

burgundy silk cami

Want to feel truly casual in your date night outfit? Don’t underestimate the power of a well-coordinated tunic and legging combo. These tops give the illusion of a skirt while being practical enough for lots of walking. They also help you get away with wearing leggings of any variety in public. Pair your dressiest tunic—bonus if it’s red or pink—with leather-like, denim, or cotton leggings and top off the look with an optional cardigan or denim jacket.

How to Accessorize:

There are many ways to turn a tunic into the perfect casual date night outfit. They pair like a dream with scarves and long necklaces because of their longer hem length. Another perk of tunics is that they’re generally so versatile that you can go for casual OR dressy shoes and bags.

4. Effortless Parisienne Style: A Layering Camisole

burgundy silk

You could find a roomy camisole with a statement animal or floral print to wear outside of a plain white tee or pair your silk cami under an oversized knit cardigan.Complete the look with jeans, leggings, or a skirt. You can create an edgy look with grungy leather-like or denim pants. Or, you can create an elegant but casual date night outfit with a skirt of tulle or chiffon.

How to Accessorize:

There’s so much going on with this look that you can get by just fine with no jewelry at all. However, a wrist full of bangles or other bracelets can help balance out all the blank arm space. Go for a clutch and heels to keep the look sleek.

Hit a Perfect Ten in Your Casual Date Night Outfit

Who knew that casual could look so 10/10? We did! Our brand is staunchly centered on laid-back fashion, after all. By keeping things casual, you can keep intimacy at the forefront of your date night and let outfit considerations take the backseat. That’s a recipe for a successful lovers’ day, in our book.

Our fashion collection has even more inspo for what to wear on your Valentine’s Day date. Use emmer & oat clothing to create the looks in this post or view them as the starting point a casual date night outfit of your own design. The opportunities are just endless at our ever-updating label. View our newest finds today and enjoy free shipping on all orders $99 and over!

January 15, 2019 — Amber Craver

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