An early 90s style that emerged in defiance of all things mainstream, the grunge look was eventually popularized by megastars like Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss, River Phoenix, and Drew Barrymore. As the uniform of the struggling artist, flannel shirts, battered shoes, and ripped jeans took center stage. This anti-fashion movement ended up being one of the most popular fashion looks of the century and the resurgence of grunge today comes with a modern twist. Learn more about how to rock elevated grunge fashion styles with Emmer & Oat grunge fashion tips.

1. Layering

Like the style it came from, modern grunge fashion is still all about layering. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a blouse, the plaid shirt is your best weapon. If you’re looking for something different, switch it up with a kimono or oversized cardigan as your outer layer. The more you clash with intention, the more you’re injecting that grunge fashion style into your look. Even the girliest dress can be part of the grunge movement when you dress it down with some layering. Put a tee on underneath, wrap a flannel around your waist, and accessorize with a choker and a hat to complete your look.

2. Distressed Styles

modern grunge style jeans and shoes

Since original grunge was all about what you could find in the thrift store, old jeans were at the top of the list. Transforming this archetypal grunge fashion style into modern grunge fashion means exploring high-waisted, mom-style jeans with a relaxed leg. You can also opt for artistically ripped and distressed skinny styles as well as frayed denim shorts.

3. Oversized Outerwear

Ill-fitting and oversized clothing was an integral part of the grunge fashion style. Chunky, awkward, and incongruous pieces are still part of the movement, but they’ve been streamlined. Whether it’s a boyfriend sweater or an oversized blazer, don’t shop clothing that’s two sizes too big like you would in the true grunge movement. The modern version of oversized clothing still fits in the most important areas (shoulders and waist) to provide shape and structure while letting sleeves, lengths, and collars take on the extra-large look.

4. Badass Shoes

worn work boot grunge style

Our last grunge fashion tip is all about the shoes. You can go with the classic grunge fashion style and wear ripped Converse, but grunge has evolved to include all manner of statement shoes that range from the worker boot to the chunky sandal. Opt for the Doc Martin silhouette or build character as you kick it in some canvas trainers.

You also have the option to pick and choose from unique colors and patterns. While black is always a solid choice, you want to expertly clash as much as possible, so use your shoes as another opportunity to add a different print or hue.

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Now that you know a little about modern grunge, you can take these tips and add your own twist on this already twisted style. Need a few more pieces to really bring your look together? Shop the newest arrivals to Emmer & Oat and find everything you need for that chic, rebel look.

January 07, 2021 — Caitlyn Laxton

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