The Wildflowers Collection

With warm weather coming (not fast enough for our liking, but it's whatever), we're all on the hunt for the best new trends to make statements all summer long. I'm an understated girl myself, but of course every now and then it's fun to switch it up and shock your friends with your surprisingly great fashion sense. When I saw the pieces in the Wildflower Collection, I knew I had found an absolute style GEM.  Join me for a few minutes to discover your newest emmer obsessions!

One of the best parts of the Wildflower Collection is the wide variety of styles and colors, so there really is something for every girl! Florals are such an essential in everyone's closet, especially during summer. They bring such a playful and down-to-earth feel but can also bring a sense of a whimsical, goddess-like aura. What really defines the type of look you're going for is how you style your floral look. For example, if you're joining me in the understated club, pair a floral maxi skirt with a blank white v neck tied in a side knot. Then add on a long necklace, maybe one with a pop of color and your favorite go-to sandals. Our desert sand bohemian sandals (pictured here) are a great option to pair with florals because they're really simple and plain, so all of the attention can go to your outfit!

So how would my bold ladies handle all of these fun floral prints? With so many colors and style options, your options are really endless! One of my favorite ways to really stand out with this collection is to pair any of the maxi skirts (the rustic dreams maxi skirt is my personal favorite for this look) and pair it with our running with the bulls pullover top. Now, I know what you're thinking; pairing a sweatshirt with a maxi?! Stay with me here, ladies. The vintage wash of the pullover is a classic look, and the bull on the front brings a very gypsy-like energy into this look. The more jewelry you can layer on over it, the better! To really set it off, add some gladiator or lace up sandals.

Looking for an easy look you can just throw on and go? We make it so easy with the gorgeous floral dresses from the Wildflower Collection! I know when I'm at the beach or going out with friends, I want something super simple and easy, and let's be real, no one really wants to wear any kind of pants in the summer. Leave that hassle for the winter months. Throw one of of these whimsical dresses, your favorite sandals, and voilà! You've got an effortless (yet totally envious) look!

Featured Looks

Desert Rose Pants


Santorini Maxi Skirt

Sunshine In My Soul Maxi Skirt


Desert Rose Jumpsuit


So what's your look, emmer girl? Will you keep it sweet and subtle or will you put together a look that's as wild as you are? Let your inner flower child loose to explore all of the gorgeous options our Wildflower Collection has to offer. Find the summer style you've always dreamed of and let it give you all of the confidence in the world. We hope it brings you as much fun and joy as it has to us!

February 08, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton

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