Good Jewelry For A Good Cause

Here at emmer, we love fashion, but our main focus is people. We're a brand centered around kindness, love, and family. Being that we're a women's brand, we find it especially important to support our fellow women all around the world. When it comes to things such as natural disasters, obviously there's only so much we can do to help, so when we find something in our reach that could in any way possible lend a hand to those affected, we of course jump on it!

In 2010, Haiti was struck by one of the most catastrophic earthquakes recorded. Almost ten years later, aftershocks are still being felt and the beautiful country of Haiti is still battling this devastating monster of a storm everyday. With over 80% of Haiti's citizens living in poverty, it's a given that jobs are few and far between - especially for women. When we recently discovered a company who's dedicated to supplying Haitian women with consistent jobs and wages to supply a living for themselves and their children, we were overjoyed to become a part of the journey. Hearing the tragedy these women see daily and to know they still have so much happiness and optimism and how grateful they are for jobs is such an eye-opener and a privilege check.

The Process

These devoted women make each and every piece of this gorgeous jewelry by hand (hard to believe, right?) and put SO much detail and effort into it all - and it shows. 

Each clay bead on every single bracelet, necklace, and earring is dug by hand straight from Haiti's central plateau. The raw clay then goes through a routine process of sifting out impurities, being mixed with water, dried, hand painted and glazed, and finally fired in a kiln to be transformed into permanent and durable ceramic. Every single piece to all of these bracelets and accessories are hand rolled, so each one has a unique size and shape all its own.

The hard work of these women truly reflects in their work. Compared to most of the jewelry I've personally owned, the difference is night and day! You can actually feel the weight and the quality of real materials, no cheap plastic over here! Each piece being hand painted with its own unique markings and characteristics makes it just as one-of-a-kind as the girl who wears it.

It's All In the Details

All of the chains on each necklace are made of a super durable brass material. The chances of these chains breaking or getting tangled are drastically lower than your typical jewelry (trust me, if anyone could tangle these things, it would be me). Every single component of every single piece of jewelry is its own creation and was hand-crafted specifically for you. Nothing about this jewelry is artificial, so it's tough enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at it (but please don't literally throw it, they're way too pretty!). 

Coming in an assortment of colors and sizes, we've got a piece that fits every #emmergirl's style. Whether you want to be understated or a little more over the top, you're bound to find a piece that speaks to your heart in this gorgeous collection!

A Purchase You Can Feel Good About

You can look good and feel GREAT with this jewelry knowing that every purchase you make goes towards helping all of these women make a better life for themselves and their children and families. We so often take advantage of everyday privileges and opportunities we have, and it's so humbling to put yourself in the shoes of Haiti's citizens and just think about the things we don't even consider privileges, rather just everyday things, but those same things mean the world to other people in other situations. 

We know you'll be in love with every piece you receive from this collection, not only for the gorgeous craftsmanship but also for the meaning and the love behind your jewelry. Join us on this journey of love and support for Haiti and our fellow women, and get some phenomenal new accessories in the process!

March 28, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton

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