We don’t like to see “boring” and “outfit” lumped into the same sentence – or same thought, even! Instead, we believe that your daily routine can be improved by simple, timeless fashion. That’s why we work hard to curate a collection of always spontaneous, always inspiring boho style clothing. We help you find ensembles that are both comfortable enough to keep up with your day, and unique enough to breathe life into it.

Here, we’ve rounded up the basic wardrobe essentials that can help satisfy your adventure-seeking nature while remaining practical and suitable for the everyday. Yes, you can wear this list of basic casual clothing even if you’ve got lots of places to go and people to see (and/or take care of). Continue reading for tips on how to bring out your wanderlust when you dress for travel, work, or even just plain hanging around.

Flannel Shirts

Flannel may be basic in design, but since there is such a wealth of colors available out there, you’ll always be unique when you wear yours. Flannel is so comfy and goes so well with blue jeans that we wear them even when they’re not trending. We love how they look tomboyish and fuss-free but sexy at the same time. We like to wear them tied at the waist with bell bottoms or denim shorts. Head to our stripes and patterns page to view the plaid and striped basic wardrobe essentials we have this season.

Distressed Denim

black distressed jeans

Distressed denim is one of our favorite ways to inject an everyday look with a pinch of artsy and fun. Even when we’re herding the kids to school or spending the day doing errands, we like showing that we’ve still got it (it = fun and spontaneity) by choosing destroyed denim for our t-shirt and jeans look. Who knew bottoms could be rebellious, yet comfortable at the same time? It’s positively scandalous!

Pullover Sweaters

When it’s chilly outside, pullover sweaters are the basic wardrobe essential to just throw on and go. Look for unique sweaters, whether vintage or new, that match your style and feel warm enough to keep the chilly air at bay. Throw them hastily on with your jeans, flattering joggers, or skirt-and-tights combo. The best part about knit basic casual clothing is that it comes back in style every winter!

Utility Skirt

woman in a skirt in wildflowers

What do you do when a love of skirts is in your blood but practicality and getting places is your top priority? You need a good basic essential utility skirt in your wardrobe. A denim, (faux) leather, or khaki skirt will give you adventure-archeologist vibes while also keeping up with your active lifestyle. Find pieces you won’t need to dry clean – that’s a pretty big plus if you’ve got kids or spend a lot of time outside. Pair your skirt with a button up shirt and booties for a no-nonsense look that takes no time at all.

Breathtaking Maxis

You need easy skirts in your life, but that doesn’t mean you should shun fuller, twirl-friendly pieces. Whether you’re a casual urban adventuress or a far-off wanderer, a luscious skirt is a basic wardrobe essential that can help you stand out a little more and feel just a little more free. Bring a pinch of party to the everyday with an expressive skirt. Try on one of our adventure-ready maxis to discover the difference they can make.

Everyday Kimono

A stylish variation on the open front cardigan, casual kimonos are a great piece of outerwear to choose if you prefer a less basic casual clothing style. Throw one on over your favorite top-and-bottom combo and your outfit becomes an instant hit. There’s a plethora of kimonos available out there, from silk with a traditional feel to crochet with a DIY, trendier feel. Try this look to find out if this not-so-basic wardrobe essential is for you!

Stylish Hats

woman in a wheat field wearing a fedora

Finding your hat is an important part of figuring out how to dress for travel, outdoors work, or anything else that puts you in full view of the sun. Some of our favorite accessories for stylish, everyday wear are visors, baseball caps, sunhats, and, of course, fedoras. A hat is not just a means of skin protection – it’s also an effective style item that can add a whole new dimension to your look. Get sporty vibes or California-chill vibes depending on the hat you choose. Don’t shirk this basic wardrobe essential!

Expressive Jewelry

Jewelry is not technically an essential, but it can do wonders for helping boost your confidence and sense of individuality. A well-coordinated jewelry ensemble shows that you went the extra mile to perfect your outfit and that you’re not afraid of showing off your best look. Our favorite types of jewelry for laid-back everyday wear are thin metal, crochet, and bead pieces. These are the ones that stay out of the way even when you’re on your way somewhere. Stock up on a few to add polish to your basic wardrobe essentials, especially when you’re heading out for a night on the town!

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December 27, 2018 — Brittany Elliott

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