Oversized clothing trends are the next big thing? Perfect, all you need to do is purchase your jeans and shirts two sizes up. Wrong! You’re trying to pull off Tessa Thompson at the 2020 Sundance Festival, not Billie Eilish at the Grammys.

Fashionable baggy clothes are actually cut and designed to sag and drag in all the right places. Sometimes, only one aspect of a particular design is outsized (like really big bell sleeves or an extra-long duster), while the rest of the piece fits perfectly. This is about more than just big clothes; there’s a rhyme and reason behind the looser fit. Learn why we love to create the ultimate look with baggy clothes when you read on now.

1. Constant Comfort

There’s something to be said for clothing that you can really relax in. Loving what you’re wearing allows you to be a little more comfortable in your own skin. With fashionable baggy clothes, you’re staying on-trend, and you never have to worry about sleeves being too tight on your arms, zippers digging into your back, or sweating in skin-tight leather. Discover what it means to be truly comfortable all the time when you explore oversized clothing trends through cable knit sweaters, baggy joggers, and extra-long coats.

2. Mix & Match Made Easy

couple in oversized streetwear

Most people think about mixing and matching various pieces in terms of color, but there’s a lot more to consider, including fabric and volume. Learning how to play oversized clothing trends against more fitted pieces gives you an extra dimension in which to mix and match. You can create more unique ensembles that really have something to say once you add volume to the discussion.

3. More Layering

Many people struggle with layering because all of their clothing is on the fitted end. If you’re trying to throw a tight cardigan over a tight shirt or skinny jeans, you’re going to get lumps and bumps in all the wrong places. The oversized clothing trend introduces looser pieces that still allow you to reveal parts of the layers underneath without the discomfort of bunching fabric.

4. Conceal & Forgive

oversized wide leg pants

Many women are self-conscious about the shape of their bodies. Whether it’s the constant pressure from social media and celebrities to look perfect or difficulties finding clothing that fits right in-store, there’s no doubt that we’re all constantly seeking ways to feel better about how we look. The oversized clothing trend has established an entire selection of pieces that conceal anything you’re self-conscious about and forgive any and all imperfections. You can still create beautiful outfits without forcing yourself into uncomfortable clothing.

5. Active & Cozy

Athleisure has taken the fashion world by storm because your workout clothes and oversized loungewear can now deliver a fashionable design as well as active comfort. You can transition from the office to running errands to your daily workout without having to change. Roomy clothing allows you to move around more freely, and the oversized clothing trend means you can find trendy activewear that’s also cozy.

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December 03, 2020 — Caitlyn Laxton

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