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Unique, the name of the game. Ut. based blogger Chloe Hudspeth has an instantly recognizable style that is unique to her blog and area. We were stoked when she agreed to answer our questionnaire and be a part of ground floor chapter 1. Check out her responses, beautiful photography and finally... be sure to head over to her instagram @chloe__hudspeth to check out all her posts. throw a like (or 10) in her direction while your there to support her creativity and hard work!

enjoy! - emmer & oat 

Describe your personal style…

"I love to be comfortable but also look put together! For example, instead of just going out wearing jeans and a t shirt, throw on some cute statement earrings, and some platform shoes.

Where do you pull your style inspo from?

I get most of my style inspo from Instagram and Pinterest! But I have also worked retail for 6 years, so I think that has a lot to do with my love for fashion!

-Chloe Hudspeth 

What do you love about being a blogger?

"I love being creative! Thinking of new photo ideas, putting together outfits, and working with new companies! I love helping other businesses grow.

Do you travel? If so, where is the favorite place you've been and why?

photo credit @chloe__huds

"I try to travel as much as I can! It can just get expensive :)  But my favorite place is New York! I went in high school with a fashion design class, and then years later, my husband and I went on our honeymoon and I just love all of the fashion you see, and there is so much to do! Hawaii is also pretty amazing :) I have never been outside of the U.S... so hopefully one day!! 

One thing in your closet that you can't live without?

Denim jacket and black skinny jeans! Hard to pick between those two :) 

Your current top 3 favorite songs?

last but not least...!

What advice would you give a newbie fashion blogger?

"Don’t give up! It is for sure a hard business to be in, seeing all of the other successful bloggers/ influencers who have way more followers then you, but just keep doing what works best for you, and I promise it will pay off! Just keep working hard and be true to yourself!  

it's not the end, only a new beginning...

for more information about Chloe and her work check out @chloe__huds and while you're there make sure you hit follow to stay up to date with her trend and advice!

below are links to the beautiful looks Chloe had a chance to style!


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