We all love celebrating Independence Day, but that doesn’t mean you always have to dress up in super patriotic, often gaudy, ensembles. At Emmer & Oat, we’re here to introduce you to a new kind of women’s Fourth of July outfit — keeping it low-key, comfortable, and cool. With our Fourth of July outfit ideas, you can show off your American pride and keep your rockin’ aesthetic all at the same time. Browse our favorite ensembles and get inspired to create your own for a hot holiday weekend.

1. Casual Two-Piece Look

The basis of every woman's Fourth of July outfit is obviously red, white, and blue, but you don’t have to wear stars or stripes to make your point. Keep it super casual and ultra-comfortable when you opt for a basic white top, blue jeans, and a red hat. Whether you opt for a dark wash or a light hue, look for bottoms you can wear all day long in the summer heat without being uncomfortable. You can add a little interest by choosing an interesting texture or print for your top.

2. Elevated Summer Dresses

faded red summer dress antique style gold coin jewelry

Wearing a breezy dress is peak summer vibes and a great choice for a women’s Fourth of July outfit — especially if you’re going to an event where you have to dress to impress. We recommend a faded red number that gives you more mix and match options than a stark, bright red gem tone. Take this Fourth of July outfit idea to the next level with simple silver and gold jewelry that hints at your patriotism. How about antique U.S. coinage made into a necklace or subtle dangle star earrings?

3. Grunge & Elevated Fashion

We absolutely love mixing sophisticated looks with grunge pieces. If you want to make a statement with your women’s Fourth of July outfit, consider wearing an intricate top with the most distressed denim jeans you own. There’s something about the contrast of elegance and grunge that turns traditional fashion on its head and empowers you to explore your own aesthetic.

4. Graphic Designs

red white and blue graphic tee girl at the beach in red tee

You might not like the traditional stars and stripes print, but if you still want some sort of pattern on your clothing, we recommend a graphic tee. Find a basic t-shirt in red, white, or blue that has something to say about you. Combined with jean shorts and sandals, you’ve got a perfect beach-day Fourth of July look.

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July 06, 2021 — Caitlyn Laxton

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