The most important thing that casual fashion can do for on-the-go women is keep us appropriately dressed for the temperature. This is no easy task. Our days are filled with all sorts of destinations: when we go out for errands, we might go from an air-conditioned store to the sweltering outdoors and back. Our days are also long: we could be sitting in a temperate office in the daytime and then heading out for a walk on the pier in the chilly nighttime.

Wearing layered clothing is the best way to handle all of the temperatures of your day. And it’s simple. It isn’t hard to throw on a light sweater and follow it with a thick jacket. However, style is another matter. It practically takes a sixth sense to layer casual fashion for women who don’t want to look bulky. Want shortcuts to attractive mixing and matching? This season, create all-day looks with more success than ever before with these emmer & oat tips for how to layer clothing to stay warm and stylish!

Layering Perk: Adapt to All Temperatures

Depending on where you live, you may experience some wonky weather days - days that can’t make their minds up about whether they’ll be cold or hot. Good thing there’s so much variety in the casual outerwear fashions available for women so you can simply customize your look to match the day.

black denim jacket

How to Get It

To put together a highly adaptable outfit, go for layering pieces that are easy to take on or off. In other words, put aside that turtleneck (the one that makes your hair frizzy when you wear it) and opt instead for:

You can combine these pieces to suit your exact needs. For instance, you can wear a sweater vest inside of a duster jacket, or you can wear a flannel button-up inside of your denim jacket. The options for combining casual fashion for women. When you find yourself heating up, just throw your outermost layer over your chair or into your bag.

Layering Perk: Dual-Purpose Your Basics

Just as milk is always better with cookies, certain pieces of clothing just work better when paired with others. Think about the items in your closet that work well as basics but feel like they’re missing something. Layer that basic clothing in classic combos to stay warm while getting more style value out of them.

blush knit cardigan over floral cami

How to Get It

Perfect layering takes experimentation (or lots of time poring over casual fashion magazines for women). That being said, we’ve compiled some ideas for tried-and-true basic combos you can wear next time it gets chilly outside. The following layered top combos go great with your fave casual pants, leggings, or slacks. Do any of them fit into your sense of style?

  • Crew neck sweater and a button up shirt - make sure the collar and shirt tail show!
  • Camisole over a t-shirt;
  • Leather jacket with a turtleneck sweater;
  • Denim jacket outside of a hoodie;
  • Blazer with a turtleneck sweater;
  • Cropped cardigan with a tunic;
  • Flannel shirt with a crop top.

As a general rule, you’ll only want one of your layering pieces to be bright or loud in design. Wear a floral print blouse inside of a plain blazer, for instance, to keep your outfit looking sleek. Wear a plain blouse inside of a floral print blazer, on the other hand, if your goal is to show off your favorite blazer.

Of course, tops aren’t the only pieces of casual fashion for women to layer with! This leads us to the next layering perk…

Layering Perk: Wear Your Dresses Year-Round

Why pigeonhole your favorite skirts to warm, summer days only? While not all dresses can be dual-purposed for layering, many of them can. Learn how to layer your skirted clothing to stay warm and you’ll be able to create a flowing silhouette, even in the winter!

sweater dress with blanket scarf layered

How to Get It

Out of all casual fashion for women, dresses are the most fun to experiment with. Since people generally expect dresses to be worn alone, a clever layered combo will always stand out. Try the following combos:

  • Slip dress over a tee shirt, long sleeve shirt, or turtleneck;
  • Sweater dress with leggings and blanket scarf;
  • Strapless dress with a turtleneck;
  • Sleeveless dress with a blouse.

Either synchronize your top and your dress for a put-together look, or juxtapose two different styles to create a more unusual style. For example, a preppy blouse and sleeveless frock will look put-together at the office, while a grungy tee shirt and feminine slip dress combo is a bolder fashion move to wear when you truly want to make a statement.

Layering Perk: Go From Loungy to Errand-Ready in Seconds

It can be impossible for women to choose the right casual fashion for day-long wear because our days are filled with so many different tasks. On days when your to-do list takes you from the outside world to home and back again, there are certain clever layered combos you can put together to avoid full-on outfit changes.

black knit cardigan and distressed jeans

How to Get It

Whether your go-to combo is a tee shirt and jeans or sweatshirt and joggers, try pairing it with these jackets to become instantly outdoors-ready:

  • Polished cardigan;
  • Leather jacket;
  • Kimono jacket;
  • Basic blazer;
  • Cozy sweater.

Stock Up on Layering Pieces

Emmer & oat is committed to bringing relaxed looks that are not just practical but also stylish. The result is effortlessly cool casual fashion for women to wear in an endless variety of settings.

Your days are about to require far fewer outfit changes. Check out our newest offerings now—we stock fresh items every day to help turn your closet into a constant source of inspiration!

January 01, 2019 — Amber Craver

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