Trends for 2019

You know we love keeping all of our emmer girls up to date on all of the latest styles and trends! We've done major research (aka scrolling though Instagram for hours... aka a regular day) to find you all of the best trends for fashion, hairstyles, and so much more! 2019 is going to be your year, make sure you're achieving all of your goals while keeping up with all of the hot topics, too! Now, sit back, grab a drink, and let's get trendy!

1. Bangs

You read it right - your 2010 Hannah Montana bangs are (finally) making a comeback, and we're not even a little bit upset. Bangs are a bold choice, but they give you the biggest confidence boost and open up a whole new world of style possibilities! For a sleek & chic chick, go for a high top-knot bun. Straighten your bangs and some loose baby hairs and let them hang. This will frame your face and draw all of the focus straight to your beautiful features! For a more wispy and casual look, give yourself some beach waves, tousle them up, and straighten or curl (your choice) your bangs. This gives you all of the face-framing goodness while also giving a very casual and chill look. For those movie nights when you're just staying in with friends, a low messy bun with your bangs in your face a little, maybe some faux reading glasses just for extra style points, is always a super fun girl-next-door look!


2. The Silky Pajama Look

Again... we're not mad at ALL! Silk camis and slip "pajama" styles have definitely made a statement in the fashion world lately, and it doesn't look like that's ending too soon (fine by me). A satin slip dress worn alone or even paired with an oversized denim jacket is such a sultry and high class look, yet you still get all of the silk comfiness. A silk cami can go a long way; pair it with a bodycon skirt for a bit of a more extravagant look or pop it on with some destroyed shorts for a fashionable yet casual summer look. Even pair a nude silk top with your favorite jeans and maybe a leather jacket for a girls' night out look they'll all be envious of!


3. Leopard Print Galore

We're going wild for this one... get it? Our walk on the wild side cami is only a small snippet of the love affair we have going on with leopard print. Leopard print is going to be a reoccurring style all 2019, so let's make sure you know how to rock it! Pop a leopard print jacket or kimono over an all black outfit for a bold and wild look. Leopard flats and booties paired with jeans and a blank tee are a MAJOR style staple, it mixes the perfect amounts of fun and plain style. Leopard accessories like belts, bags, sunglasses, even hair clips, can always be a fun option if you love the leopard but don't feel like going completely wild just yet.


4. Pastel Hair

I've always wished I was bold enough to go pastel, and it looks like 2019 may be the perfect year! I know, I know, it's a really drastic change, but that's the beauty of it! Hair color is such a quick and easy way to get you out of your comfort zone and into new looks and attitudes (because you have to be happy and confident when you have pink hair). Pastels are a light and airy option, and they bring such a lively feel to your look. If you're not quite ready to make the colorful commitment, try a wash out dye just to get a peek of the pastel life. 


5. Bike Shorts

Life Motto: If the Kar-Jenners can do it, so can I... except maybe own 12 cars, but that's a different blog. Kim Kardashian has been sporting the bike short trend for quite some time now, and it looks like her sisters and fans are starting to pick it up as well! Bike shorts are ideal for showing off your curves or for being the perfect layer under baggy tees and sweatshirts. A summer version of leggings, if you will. Pair them with your favorite tee and wrap a flannel or hoodie around your waist for a more modest look. I'm not sure I'll be sporting Kylie's curvalicious look right now (there may or may not be some pesky winter pounds that just refuse to vacate) but Kourtney and Kendall's baggy look is definitely calling out to me!


6. Petite Sunnies

Last but not least, 2019 is looking like the year for the tiny sunglasses trend! Petite framed sunnies are sooo chic and have such a savvy look to them. Pair them with a blazer or a pantsuit for a business-casual style to wow your colleagues, or go street chic as Kendall is doing here! Contrast your little sunnies with an oversized graphic tee shirt and your go-to messy bun. Sunglasses will always be a must-have accessory, and we're looking forward to seeing this new style make its debut!

February 12, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton

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