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q & a with TRENDY IN INDY

July 25, 2018

q & a with TRENDY IN INDY

@trendyinindy - Steph Weber

q & a with steph weber @trendyinindy

w e reached out to one of our favorite fashion influencers @trendyinindy to ask her some questions we had about style, interests and life! Curiosity lead us to asking her tips on beauty and living the life of a successful blogger. We were thrilled with her answers and happily share them with you here; on the first addition of emmer's chapter 1 blog!

p.s - for any aspiring bloggers out there make sure you read to the end for some great advice on becoming an Influencer! 

enjoy! - emmer & oat 

Describe your personal style…

"My personal style can best be defined as trendy. That for me means wearing pieces I love, mostly from local or small business retailers. Some days, you'll find me in all black, very city chic, and other days, you'll find me in denim shorts and a basic tee. 

Where do you pull your style inspo from?

I love Pinterest for style inspiration. It is an easy go to for me. I also love to follow other influencers who inspire me to try new outfits. Olivia Rink is one of my favorite style bloggers. For the most part, my style is trial and error. I like to pattern mix and try things outside the box.

-steph weber

What do you love about being a blogger?

"Everyday I wake up excited to do what I do! I love building relationships with the brands I partner with. I also love meeting other bloggers. Being able to share my love for small businesses is at the root of my brand and I'm so glad I can introduce my followers to these retailers. 


Do you travel? If so, where is the favorite place you've been and why?

photo credit @trendyinindy

"I live for traveling. Visiting new places is how we learn about the way our world works. It allows us to immerse ourselves in new cultures and appreciate the world around us. Picking just one favorite is so hard so I'll share a few: Nantucket, Seattle, Amsterdam, Salzburg, and Disney World.

One thing in your closet that you can't live without?

If I had to pick just one thing I couldn't live without, it'd be a little black dress.

This piece is easy to dress up, dress down, and pretty much wear anywhere. It's one of those things that everyone should have.

Your current top 3 favorite songs?

I listen to a variety because I grew up with  the Beatles, love the 90s hits, and jam to country, but my top three favorite songs are:

  1. Man of the Woods by  Justin Timberlake : I mean who doesn't love JT? This is my jam song.
  2. You Make It Look So Easy by  Eric Church: This was our wedding song and I just love it. I pretty much love anything  Eric Church.
  3. Sleep on the Floor by  the Lumineers: This song reminds me of all of my years as a dancer and I can just imagine an epic contemporary routine to this.

last but not least...!

What advice would you give a newbie fashion blogger?

"This market is heavily saturated. It's important to find what separates you from the rest, your special sauce. Don't give up even when you feel like you'll never grow and what you're doing doesn't matter. Even if you have 500 followers, they care and your work is important. They follow you and they are excited if you are excited when you show up for them every day.  

Be consistent and be willing to learn the hard way. No blogger is going to share all their success "secrets" with you, and besides that, everyone grows in different ways. Stay in your lane and create your own brand, don't try to copy and paste. 

I've actually done several posts on this so you can check out more on  

and she walked with confidence off into the sunset...

so ends the first edition of the chapter 1 blog. thank you to @trendyinindy and everyone who took a peek into the life of an awesome creator! 

for more information about steph weber and her work check out and while you're there make sure to read the article about not apologizing!

below are links to the beautiful looks steph had a chance to style!


Emmer & Oat, LLC

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