What to Wear for a Job Interview

Remember always freaking out over what to wear for the first day of school? Trying to find that PERFECT outfit to set just the right vibe about yourself. Well now you get to face the adult version of that: job interview outfits. First impressions mean so much, especially when it comes to interviews, so it's important to make sure you have all of the right tones, fits, and accessories to convey your personality (and why they should hire you, of course). Grab your pen and pad and take some notes, you'll want to remember all of these outfit ideas and tips!


Ah, yes. Neutrals really are perfect for any occasion. During an interview, it's important to give off the feeling that you're level headed and sophisticated. Neutrals such as whites, nudes, blacks, and even some pastel pinks and yellows, are a very understated tone and always just seem to convey a sense of confidence and simplicity without sacrificing any style sense. Pair a nude trench code or blazer white a white blouse and black pants (or possilbly even dark wash jeans, depending what type of business you're interviewing for) or pop a black blazer over a white v-neck tee and black pants for a dressy casual vibe.



Blazers are always an amazing option for anything work-related, especially interviews! They have so many ways to be dressed up or even give a casual vibe depending on how you style it, which of course will vary based on what type of job you're interviewing for. My personal favorite way to wear a blazer is with very lightly distressed (keep in mind this is a job interview) jeans, a blank white tee, and a black blazer. This way it's casual enough to be an everyday outfit if you'd like but the blazer still brings in a very business-like feel.

If you're interviewing for a more upscale job or you're just a fancier girl, pop your favorite blazer on top of a pencil skirt and a moderately loose blouse. When giving your future employers a first impression, it's important to make sure you don't have too many tight pieces going on. Pair tight jeans or skirts with a flowy blouse, or pair a more form-fitting top with some business palazzo pants.

The Right Type of Heels

Heels are a staple piece for business fashion, but there's a fine line between which shoes are appropriate and which ones aren't. If you opt for heels, make sure you stay in the nude and black range - no crazy colors! Red heels could be a possibility, again depending on the type of job you're interviewing for. If you go with bold shoes, make sure the rest of your outfit is super understated so there's not too much going on.

For a more casual job, of course you don't have to wear heels. You can always go with flats! An important tip is no open toed shoes on your interview! Don't get me wrong, I'm the head of the flip-flop fan club, but there's a time and a place, and a job interview is NOT the time to show off your pedicure. For a more professional casual look, stick with solid colored flats. If you're a little more outgoing, you can find a pair of subtle leopard print flats and pair them with jeans and a blank tee (maybe throw on the blazer, too. Your call!). 


The most important thing to have for your interview is confidence! No matter what you wear, it's so important that you feel good about yourself and confident about what to can bring to the table for your new employers. Make sure you're calm and collected, take deep breaths, and you'll be hired in no time!

March 26, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton

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