blonde woman modeling in front of a mirror

Favorite Self Tanner

Hey friend!

Today I wanted to share my go-to self tanner with you. I use two different types; one for my body and one for my face (links below). For my body I use the ultra dark mousse. It's super easy to use, no streaking and doesn't make you look orange. For my face I use the tan drops. With the face tanner you only need to add a few drops to your favorite face lotion, blend together, then apply. Easy peasy and looks natural!


blonde woman modeling in front of a mirror
Leave me a comment if you have any additional questions on how to apply or wash off.
March 15, 2021 — Liz Santa
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New Spring Style by Liz

Hey, ladies! If you've browsed our site and social media lately you will see that I have switched up how we do our photos. Instead or doing them on a backdrop I am now doing a style mirror selfie and then showing the item on a white background. After running a social media poll I found out that SO many of you prefer the photo's this way. And I agree with you! It makes my styles more "real" and personal for you.


I've been working on a lot of new Spring looks for you. I know that many of your love the free spirited look and many of you love the edgy vibe - so I am bringing you a blend of the two. I personally love an easy style; one that's effortless but still leaves you feeling amazing! I hope you find pieces that you enjoy. As always, please feel free to reach out to me or my team with any questions you may have.





Woman modeling boyfriend denim jeans

Woman modeling a cream stripe sweater

Woman modeling a white crop hoodie

Woman modeling an olive studded jacket

March 01, 2021 — Elizabeth and Marcus Santa
girl wearing grunge style makeup and jacket

Elevated Grunge: How to Rock the Look

An early 90s style that emerged in defiance of all things mainstream, the grunge look was eventually popularized by megastars like Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss, River Phoenix, and Drew Barrymore. As the uniform of the struggling artist, flannel shirts, battered shoes, and ripped jeans took center stage. This anti-fashion movement ended up being one of the most popular fashion looks of the century and the resurgence of grunge today comes with a modern twist. Learn more about how to rock elevated grunge fashion styles with Emmer & Oat grunge fashion tips.

1. Layering

Like the style it came from, modern grunge fashion is still all about layering. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a blouse, the plaid shirt is your best weapon. If you’re looking for something different, switch it up with a kimono or oversized cardigan as your outer layer. The more you clash with intention, the more you’re injecting that grunge fashion style into your look. Even the girliest dress can be part of the grunge movement when you dress it down with some layering. Put a tee on underneath, wrap a flannel around your waist, and accessorize with a choker and a hat to complete your look.

2. Distressed Styles

modern grunge style jeans and shoes

Since original grunge was all about what you could find in the thrift store, old jeans were at the top of the list. Transforming this archetypal grunge fashion style into modern grunge fashion means exploring high-waisted, mom-style jeans with a relaxed leg. You can also opt for artistically ripped and distressed skinny styles as well as frayed denim shorts.

3. Oversized Outerwear

Ill-fitting and oversized clothing was an integral part of the grunge fashion style. Chunky, awkward, and incongruous pieces are still part of the movement, but they’ve been streamlined. Whether it’s a boyfriend sweater or an oversized blazer, don’t shop clothing that’s two sizes too big like you would in the true grunge movement. The modern version of oversized clothing still fits in the most important areas (shoulders and waist) to provide shape and structure while letting sleeves, lengths, and collars take on the extra-large look.

4. Badass Shoes

worn work boot grunge style

Our last grunge fashion tip is all about the shoes. You can go with the classic grunge fashion style and wear ripped Converse, but grunge has evolved to include all manner of statement shoes that range from the worker boot to the chunky sandal. Opt for the Doc Martin silhouette or build character as you kick it in some canvas trainers.

You also have the option to pick and choose from unique colors and patterns. While black is always a solid choice, you want to expertly clash as much as possible, so use your shoes as another opportunity to add a different print or hue.

Shop Grunge Here

Now that you know a little about modern grunge, you can take these tips and add your own twist on this already twisted style. Need a few more pieces to really bring your look together? Shop the newest arrivals to Emmer & Oat and find everything you need for that chic, rebel look.

January 07, 2021 — Caitlyn Laxton
woman wearing oversized sweater

Oversize Benefits: 5 Reasons A Looser Fit Is The Ultimate Look

Oversized clothing trends are the next big thing? Perfect, all you need to do is purchase your jeans and shirts two sizes up. Wrong! You’re trying to pull off Tessa Thompson at the 2020 Sundance Festival, not Billie Eilish at the Grammys.

December 03, 2020 — Caitlyn Laxton
woman wearing a grunge long-sleeve t-shirt

Curating Retro Looks with Modern Flair

Bringing modern retro clothing into the fashion scene is definitely on the uprise. You see it in movies, on the front pages of magazines, and in most people’s closets. You don’t need to go out and buy a new wardrobe if you just look in your own collection. Modern grunge fashion is unique to each of us as individuals, and dressing the part will bring out the rebel in you. If you think it’s hard to do, you might be surprised. All it takes is wearing your favorite old ‘90s band t-shirt with a button-down flannel shirt, a pair of torn jeans, and Doc Marten boots. Just like that, you’ll be ready to rock it grunge-style.

Flannel Shirts and Crop Tops

Modern retro clothing isn’t hard to find. You may have something lurking in your closet right now. One of the easiest ways to get your grunge on is by pairing a cute crop top with your favorite flannel shirt. It can be worn loosely or tied around the waist with torn jeans or shorts with a pair of ripped fishnet stockings. Finally, complete the look with a pair of biker boots or Doc Martens, and you’ll be ready to release the rebel inside of you.

Layer the Modern Way

layered outfit with a denim jacket

We all love our flannel, but did you know you can keep your grunge aesthetic with more modern apparel? Try a crop top paired with a kimono sweater. Wear your favorite t-shirt and a snazzy blazer with a skirt or skinny jeans. With either outfit, the outcome will be stunning. Choosing the right pieces of clothing is the key to achieving modern grunge fashion. Following these suggestions will get you on your way to perfecting the look you long for, but feel free to add a special touch to make it your own.

Boots and Boyfriend Jeans

pair of black combat boots

Modern retro clothing wouldn’t be complete without boots and boyfriend jeans. Combat boots and boyfriend jeans give the appearance that, yeah, you’re into the retro scene, but you also prefer a little pop of modern along the way. Doc Marten boots will give your outfit a much-needed layer of grunge, and they will never go out of style. Grab a black leather jacket to complete the look.

The Modern Baby Doll

If you prefer the softer side of the grunge movement, then pairing that little black dress with combat boots and fishnet stockings will have your friends in awe. Adding accessories goes a long way, so make sure you pick out a killer choker to complete your ensemble. If you’re looking for modern grunge fashion, then you can look in your closet or go on a shopping spree for an LBD and a black moto jacket. Wear this outfit paired with the right accessories, such as chokers, vintage sunglasses, and converse high-tops, and you’re ready to set the night on fire!

Get ready to sport the #EmmerGirl grunge look. You can shop for more modern retro clothing at Emmer.

November 04, 2020 — Caitlyn Laxton
Summertime Skincare Routine

Summertime Skincare Routine

Get your glow on all summer long with this warm-weather approved skincare routine!
June 07, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Okay ladies, let's get on a topic we all really love... FOOD! Well, smoothies at least. Same thing. Anyways, with summer rolling in hot (get it?), it's the perfect time to start breaking out all the tasty and healthy smoothie recipes we love!
June 05, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
How To Accessorize

How To Accessorize

How To: Accessorize

Hey, ladies! Alright, let's talk about something serious: accessorizing! You know those times where you put together the cutest outfit and you look in the mirror and you just know it's missing something but you can't pinpoint exactly what it is? Or you want to go just a little more chic and add some character but you have no idea which direction to go in? Well I'm here to help! Accessorizing can be overwhelming and confusing for sure and it's important to know which accessories to put with which outfit to get the vibe and style you're searching for. Grab a drink, sit back, and let's dive into some accessories!

1. Belts

Belts are a MAJOR key to accessorizing! Belts are the sun of the accessorizing solar system, if you will. Whether you're in a mini skirt, maxi dress, trench coat, or even just jeans and a tee shirt, belts can add soooo much style and character to your look! Keep it simple with a plain black or brown leather belt over some high waisted mom jeans (yes please!). Pop on an oversized graphic tee and tuck the front and BAM! You've got the vintage look everyone craves. For a more chic style, find an oversized belt buckle that speaks to your soul and pair it with a chic bodysuit or blouse and some casual block heels. I'm pretty sure you already know the point I'm getting at, but basically, you just need a belt.

2. Glasses

Glasses are a personal favorite of mine! Whether you're rocking sunnies or blue light glasses (my OBSESSION), they add so much character and they're a great way to show your personality! Personally I own probably 30+ pairs of glasses and I have zero shame because they all have their own look and vibe to set off a different outfit. For instance, a pair of blue lights like Hailey has on (below) are perfect for the office. They add so much chic and they also protect your eyes by adding some warmth through the lenses to battle harmful blue rays. You can go with a cat eye sunny to be SUPER chic and high fashion, but my all time favorite sunnies style is a pair of aviators! Aviators are so classic and go with basically any outfit you choose and they have the perfect shape for almost any face. 

Miley is rocking the cat-eye sunnies look for a high fashion touch on her simple outfit!

Hailey Baldwin sporting blue light classes for a low-key yet chic style.

Kendall steps out in a chill outfit topped off with mirrored sunnies. So cute!

3. Hair Accessories

Who else is PUMPED about the scrunch trend coming back?! I know I for sure am! Scrunchies add the perfect girl-next-door style to your look - they're so cute and sweet but are also able to be chic and fashionable. They go perfect in ponytails, messy buns, or just to make a cute wrist accessory. Hair scarves are also ideal for adding a more high-fashion vibe, especially in the summer! Tie them around your bun or a loose ponytail for a silky and luxurious play on an everyday outfit.

4. Jewelry 

Another favorite! ...can you tell that they're all my favorite? Again, no shame here. Jewelry is such a must-have accessory! Whether you're into bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, or anklets - there's a jewelry piece for EVERYONE! I'm more of an understated girl, so I typically stick to braided bracelets, simple rings, and of course anklets in the summer!

5. Shoes

Shoes are a classic accessory we all know and love! Given that (most of the time) you have to wear shoes, you may as well find a pair you absolutely adore. Here at emmer we have a ton of bohemian inspired shoes for you to choose from! Shoes are kind of our love language... don't judge us for loving a good pair of booties too much. You know you feel the same way.

But seriously, shoes are such an important piece to every single outfit! For a retro look, we love pairing our Veronica Booties with a pair of flare jeans and a graphic tee for a super vintage-chic look. More of a casual girl? No worries - we've got styles for you, too! With everything from rhinestone sandals to super simple espadrilles, there's an option for everyone! My personal favorites are the Josie Mules because they're soooo cute and still totally functional for everyday! I love the slightly western vibe the tan leather and studs give off but they're still super chic!

You're Ready To Go, Girl!

And just like that - you've got all the accessory knowledge you need to set off all of your outfits! What will your favorite piece be? Will you be the simple girl who shows off through her belt? Or be chic and step out with the season's hottest sunnies? Better yet, why not rock them all in one outfit! The more the merrier, right? Now all that's left to do is create your dream look and go out and stun them, girl!

May 13, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
How To Look Like You Have It Together

How To Look Like You Have It Together

How To Look Like You Have It Together (Even If You Really Don't)

You know those mornings? Woke up late, couldn't find your pants, you forgot to get toothpaste at the store yesterday so now you're squeezing what's left in the tube like your life depends on it. And as soon as you walk out of the door you just feel like everyone in the world knows that you most definitely are the hottest of messes today. We all have those days (some more than others) and I think we all wonder "how can I make this look better?" "How can I look like I actually maybe somewhat have my life together today?" Truth is, a lot of people have those days. There's just a few tips and tricks that can make sure your chaos stays your little secret.


Girl. Stand up straight! Posture is such a key element of looking more put together than you are. A lot of the time it's something that we don't even think about, but subconsciously your posture says a lot. I know I tend to slouch a lot, especially when I'm bothered or in a rush. No matter how hectic your morning or life may be going, always make sure to take a second to stop and notice how you're standing. Having your shoulders pulled back and your chin up gives you an automatic look of confidence and power, not to mention it's better for your body in the long run. 




Keep Your Wardrobe Light & Airy

No matter how bad you want to wear all black, you need to fight it when you want to look super optimistic and put together! Don't get me wrong, my closet is 90% black clothes, but of course different colors are for different moods and occasions. On the days where you feel like you're just a mess and you're head is spinning, black will just sulk you and add onto the down in the dumps feeling. A great pick me up is to lighten up your outfit! Whites and neutrals give a bubbly and confident vibe, and there's so many different ways to style them, so you can still dress a white tee down with some light wash jeggings and white shoes (my personal go-to).




Two Words: Iced. Coffee.

What is it about iced coffee that makes everything better? It's like the Target of all drinks. It's just better. I feel like every time I look at a girl with a cute outfit and an iced coffee in her hand I'm just automatically thinking "WOW. Good for her, she's got her life together." On the days where my morning has been a tornado, I always make sure to hit up a drive-thru and get at LEAST one iced coffee for life support. If you're not a coffee girl (I wasn't for a long time, and then I saw the light), you can totally opt out for a smoothie to start off your day instead!

Have an Agenda - and Make it Colorful!

I'm soooo guilty of this one - no shame. Even if I'm in sweats and my hair looks like a beehive, having my color coded agenda with me almost makes me feel like I'm an actual organized person. Color code your events/appointments by topic, for example: doctors appointments: yellow, family events: blue, and work/school events: pink. This helps you keep track of everything (in hopes of maybe avoiding another hot mess morning) and it also makes you look super put together to anyone who sees your little organized world. You can keep track of all of your events and even make sure you don't forget to call your aunt on her birthday...again. 



So next time you're having one of those days, remember these tips. Even if you're not feeling chaotic, feel free to just get the iced coffee... Actually, get a few. The more the merrier. Stay calm and remember the saying "it's just a bad day, not a bad life." Hang on to your cute agenda and just fake it 'til you make it, girl.

be emmer. be you.

April 15, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
Handmade Haitian Jewelry Collection

Handmade Haitian Jewelry Collection

Good Jewelry For A Good Cause

Here at emmer, we love fashion, but our main focus is people. We're a brand centered around kindness, love, and family. Being that we're a women's brand, we find it especially important to support our fellow women all around the world. When it comes to things such as natural disasters, obviously there's only so much we can do to help, so when we find something in our reach that could in any way possible lend a hand to those affected, we of course jump on it!

In 2010, Haiti was struck by one of the most catastrophic earthquakes recorded. Almost ten years later, aftershocks are still being felt and the beautiful country of Haiti is still battling this devastating monster of a storm everyday. With over 80% of Haiti's citizens living in poverty, it's a given that jobs are few and far between - especially for women. When we recently discovered a company who's dedicated to supplying Haitian women with consistent jobs and wages to supply a living for themselves and their children, we were overjoyed to become a part of the journey. Hearing the tragedy these women see daily and to know they still have so much happiness and optimism and how grateful they are for jobs is such an eye-opener and a privilege check.

The Process

These devoted women make each and every piece of this gorgeous jewelry by hand (hard to believe, right?) and put SO much detail and effort into it all - and it shows. 

Each clay bead on every single bracelet, necklace, and earring is dug by hand straight from Haiti's central plateau. The raw clay then goes through a routine process of sifting out impurities, being mixed with water, dried, hand painted and glazed, and finally fired in a kiln to be transformed into permanent and durable ceramic. Every single piece to all of these bracelets and accessories are hand rolled, so each one has a unique size and shape all its own.

The hard work of these women truly reflects in their work. Compared to most of the jewelry I've personally owned, the difference is night and day! You can actually feel the weight and the quality of real materials, no cheap plastic over here! Each piece being hand painted with its own unique markings and characteristics makes it just as one-of-a-kind as the girl who wears it.

It's All In the Details

All of the chains on each necklace are made of a super durable brass material. The chances of these chains breaking or getting tangled are drastically lower than your typical jewelry (trust me, if anyone could tangle these things, it would be me). Every single component of every single piece of jewelry is its own creation and was hand-crafted specifically for you. Nothing about this jewelry is artificial, so it's tough enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at it (but please don't literally throw it, they're way too pretty!). 

Coming in an assortment of colors and sizes, we've got a piece that fits every #emmergirl's style. Whether you want to be understated or a little more over the top, you're bound to find a piece that speaks to your heart in this gorgeous collection!

A Purchase You Can Feel Good About

You can look good and feel GREAT with this jewelry knowing that every purchase you make goes towards helping all of these women make a better life for themselves and their children and families. We so often take advantage of everyday privileges and opportunities we have, and it's so humbling to put yourself in the shoes of Haiti's citizens and just think about the things we don't even consider privileges, rather just everyday things, but those same things mean the world to other people in other situations. 

We know you'll be in love with every piece you receive from this collection, not only for the gorgeous craftsmanship but also for the meaning and the love behind your jewelry. Join us on this journey of love and support for Haiti and our fellow women, and get some phenomenal new accessories in the process!

March 28, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
What to Wear: Job Interview

What to Wear: Job Interview

What to Wear for a Job Interview

Remember always freaking out over what to wear for the first day of school? Trying to find that PERFECT outfit to set just the right vibe about yourself. Well now you get to face the adult version of that: job interview outfits. First impressions mean so much, especially when it comes to interviews, so it's important to make sure you have all of the right tones, fits, and accessories to convey your personality (and why they should hire you, of course). Grab your pen and pad and take some notes, you'll want to remember all of these outfit ideas and tips!


Ah, yes. Neutrals really are perfect for any occasion. During an interview, it's important to give off the feeling that you're level headed and sophisticated. Neutrals such as whites, nudes, blacks, and even some pastel pinks and yellows, are a very understated tone and always just seem to convey a sense of confidence and simplicity without sacrificing any style sense. Pair a nude trench code or blazer white a white blouse and black pants (or possilbly even dark wash jeans, depending what type of business you're interviewing for) or pop a black blazer over a white v-neck tee and black pants for a dressy casual vibe.



Blazers are always an amazing option for anything work-related, especially interviews! They have so many ways to be dressed up or even give a casual vibe depending on how you style it, which of course will vary based on what type of job you're interviewing for. My personal favorite way to wear a blazer is with very lightly distressed (keep in mind this is a job interview) jeans, a blank white tee, and a black blazer. This way it's casual enough to be an everyday outfit if you'd like but the blazer still brings in a very business-like feel.

If you're interviewing for a more upscale job or you're just a fancier girl, pop your favorite blazer on top of a pencil skirt and a moderately loose blouse. When giving your future employers a first impression, it's important to make sure you don't have too many tight pieces going on. Pair tight jeans or skirts with a flowy blouse, or pair a more form-fitting top with some business palazzo pants.

The Right Type of Heels

Heels are a staple piece for business fashion, but there's a fine line between which shoes are appropriate and which ones aren't. If you opt for heels, make sure you stay in the nude and black range - no crazy colors! Red heels could be a possibility, again depending on the type of job you're interviewing for. If you go with bold shoes, make sure the rest of your outfit is super understated so there's not too much going on.

For a more casual job, of course you don't have to wear heels. You can always go with flats! An important tip is no open toed shoes on your interview! Don't get me wrong, I'm the head of the flip-flop fan club, but there's a time and a place, and a job interview is NOT the time to show off your pedicure. For a more professional casual look, stick with solid colored flats. If you're a little more outgoing, you can find a pair of subtle leopard print flats and pair them with jeans and a blank tee (maybe throw on the blazer, too. Your call!). 


The most important thing to have for your interview is confidence! No matter what you wear, it's so important that you feel good about yourself and confident about what to can bring to the table for your new employers. Make sure you're calm and collected, take deep breaths, and you'll be hired in no time!

March 26, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
Trends of 2019

Trends of 2019

Trends for 2019

You know we love keeping all of our emmer girls up to date on all of the latest styles and trends! We've done major research (aka scrolling though Instagram for hours... aka a regular day) to find you all of the best trends for fashion, hairstyles, and so much more! 2019 is going to be your year, make sure you're achieving all of your goals while keeping up with all of the hot topics, too! Now, sit back, grab a drink, and let's get trendy!

1. Bangs

You read it right - your 2010 Hannah Montana bangs are (finally) making a comeback, and we're not even a little bit upset. Bangs are a bold choice, but they give you the biggest confidence boost and open up a whole new world of style possibilities! For a sleek & chic chick, go for a high top-knot bun. Straighten your bangs and some loose baby hairs and let them hang. This will frame your face and draw all of the focus straight to your beautiful features! For a more wispy and casual look, give yourself some beach waves, tousle them up, and straighten or curl (your choice) your bangs. This gives you all of the face-framing goodness while also giving a very casual and chill look. For those movie nights when you're just staying in with friends, a low messy bun with your bangs in your face a little, maybe some faux reading glasses just for extra style points, is always a super fun girl-next-door look!


2. The Silky Pajama Look

Again... we're not mad at ALL! Silk camis and slip "pajama" styles have definitely made a statement in the fashion world lately, and it doesn't look like that's ending too soon (fine by me). A satin slip dress worn alone or even paired with an oversized denim jacket is such a sultry and high class look, yet you still get all of the silk comfiness. A silk cami can go a long way; pair it with a bodycon skirt for a bit of a more extravagant look or pop it on with some destroyed shorts for a fashionable yet casual summer look. Even pair a nude silk top with your favorite jeans and maybe a leather jacket for a girls' night out look they'll all be envious of!


3. Leopard Print Galore

We're going wild for this one... get it? Our walk on the wild side cami is only a small snippet of the love affair we have going on with leopard print. Leopard print is going to be a reoccurring style all 2019, so let's make sure you know how to rock it! Pop a leopard print jacket or kimono over an all black outfit for a bold and wild look. Leopard flats and booties paired with jeans and a blank tee are a MAJOR style staple, it mixes the perfect amounts of fun and plain style. Leopard accessories like belts, bags, sunglasses, even hair clips, can always be a fun option if you love the leopard but don't feel like going completely wild just yet.


4. Pastel Hair

I've always wished I was bold enough to go pastel, and it looks like 2019 may be the perfect year! I know, I know, it's a really drastic change, but that's the beauty of it! Hair color is such a quick and easy way to get you out of your comfort zone and into new looks and attitudes (because you have to be happy and confident when you have pink hair). Pastels are a light and airy option, and they bring such a lively feel to your look. If you're not quite ready to make the colorful commitment, try a wash out dye just to get a peek of the pastel life. 


5. Bike Shorts

Life Motto: If the Kar-Jenners can do it, so can I... except maybe own 12 cars, but that's a different blog. Kim Kardashian has been sporting the bike short trend for quite some time now, and it looks like her sisters and fans are starting to pick it up as well! Bike shorts are ideal for showing off your curves or for being the perfect layer under baggy tees and sweatshirts. A summer version of leggings, if you will. Pair them with your favorite tee and wrap a flannel or hoodie around your waist for a more modest look. I'm not sure I'll be sporting Kylie's curvalicious look right now (there may or may not be some pesky winter pounds that just refuse to vacate) but Kourtney and Kendall's baggy look is definitely calling out to me!


6. Petite Sunnies

Last but not least, 2019 is looking like the year for the tiny sunglasses trend! Petite framed sunnies are sooo chic and have such a savvy look to them. Pair them with a blazer or a pantsuit for a business-casual style to wow your colleagues, or go street chic as Kendall is doing here! Contrast your little sunnies with an oversized graphic tee shirt and your go-to messy bun. Sunglasses will always be a must-have accessory, and we're looking forward to seeing this new style make its debut!

February 12, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton