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Hello, emmer girls! We've been working on something very special for you for quite some time now and we're so excited to finally share it with all of you! We truly work so hard to bring you styles that are unique and speak to each of you individually. We pride ourselves on quality as well as our originality, so we've been working night and day to design and create our very own line of emmer graphic tees! These tees exist only at emmer and you'll fall in love as soon as you put them on (take it from me). We've created an assortment of colors and designs and we know every girl will be able to fall in love with them. So, without further ado, take a look at our all new exclusive emmer graphic tees!

There are six unique emmer graphic tees, each with a vibe all their own. All of the tees will be launching with our Wildflowers Collection on 2.8.19 (because they go sooo well with all of the maxis in the collection!) and will retail for $58 USD. We fell in love with these tees on sight, but once we saw how many ways there were to style them, we were blown away! Of course they go amazing with the standard distressed jeans (we've been wearing them with our charleston denim) and shorts, but they also make the PERFECT casual gypsy pair when you put them with all of the maxi skirts included in our Wildflowers Collection!

Sneak Peeks


Greetings from California

The Great American West

See You on the Road


Chase Adventure

Desert Child

Joshua Tree is for Dreamers

Our graphic tees come in unisex sizes, that way they have just the slightest look with a comfortable feel and you also have room to roll your sleeves up! You can stick with your regular size for a basic fit, but we like to go up one size so there's enough room to tie a cute knot and still have that loose feel.

#BossBabe Liz in our Joshua Tree is for Dreamers tee with our hudson denim and some booties! We love that these tees are versatile enough to mix up with any bottoms and shoes that you could possibly dream of, and they're perfect for travel days and road trips, too!

Pair them with destroyed shorts or jeans as Liz has done here and layer on all of the bohemian jewelry you can find to give your casual look an upgrade. We love this look especially for road trips and girls trips, or just for your summer days and nights!

Match Made in Heaven 

We love pairing our tees with all of the maxi skirts (and even popping them over maxi dresses or jumpsuits) for a twist on your typical gypsy look. The two pieces together are SO comfortable and obviously so cute!

We've worked so hard to create these tees for you and to let all of our emmer girls have tees that are truly as rare and unique as you are. So much time and hard work was put into creating these pieces for you to show our appreciation, and we hope you love them even more than we do!

February 08, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
Wildflowers Collection

Wildflowers Collection

The Wildflowers Collection

With warm weather coming (not fast enough for our liking, but it's whatever), we're all on the hunt for the best new trends to make statements all summer long. I'm an understated girl myself, but of course every now and then it's fun to switch it up and shock your friends with your surprisingly great fashion sense. When I saw the pieces in the Wildflower Collection, I knew I had found an absolute style GEM.  Join me for a few minutes to discover your newest emmer obsessions!

One of the best parts of the Wildflower Collection is the wide variety of styles and colors, so there really is something for every girl! Florals are such an essential in everyone's closet, especially during summer. They bring such a playful and down-to-earth feel but can also bring a sense of a whimsical, goddess-like aura. What really defines the type of look you're going for is how you style your floral look. For example, if you're joining me in the understated club, pair a floral maxi skirt with a blank white v neck tied in a side knot. Then add on a long necklace, maybe one with a pop of color and your favorite go-to sandals. Our desert sand bohemian sandals (pictured here) are a great option to pair with florals because they're really simple and plain, so all of the attention can go to your outfit!

So how would my bold ladies handle all of these fun floral prints? With so many colors and style options, your options are really endless! One of my favorite ways to really stand out with this collection is to pair any of the maxi skirts (the rustic dreams maxi skirt is my personal favorite for this look) and pair it with our running with the bulls pullover top. Now, I know what you're thinking; pairing a sweatshirt with a maxi?! Stay with me here, ladies. The vintage wash of the pullover is a classic look, and the bull on the front brings a very gypsy-like energy into this look. The more jewelry you can layer on over it, the better! To really set it off, add some gladiator or lace up sandals.

Looking for an easy look you can just throw on and go? We make it so easy with the gorgeous floral dresses from the Wildflower Collection! I know when I'm at the beach or going out with friends, I want something super simple and easy, and let's be real, no one really wants to wear any kind of pants in the summer. Leave that hassle for the winter months. Throw one of of these whimsical dresses, your favorite sandals, and voilà! You've got an effortless (yet totally envious) look!

Featured Looks

Desert Rose Pants


Santorini Maxi Skirt

Sunshine In My Soul Maxi Skirt


Desert Rose Jumpsuit


So what's your look, emmer girl? Will you keep it sweet and subtle or will you put together a look that's as wild as you are? Let your inner flower child loose to explore all of the gorgeous options our Wildflower Collection has to offer. Find the summer style you've always dreamed of and let it give you all of the confidence in the world. We hope it brings you as much fun and joy as it has to us!

February 08, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
how to: declutter

how to: declutter

How To: De-Clutter and Get Organized!

Alright, ladies. It's a new year and spring cleaning time is almost upon us, which means it's time to get serious about that monster of a dust bunny that's been hibernating in the corner since November. I'm here to give you all of the tried-and-true tips to get your house to its cleanest and most organized self. Grab some storage bins, rubber gloves, maybe even a snack (...actually, yes, for SURE a snack), and let's dive right in!                          

Step One: The Closet

Ugh. The closet. Where last season's sweaters have gone to die and.. wait... have I ever even worn this?! The best tip for cleaning out your closet is the One Year Rule: if you've gone a year without wearing something, pay your respects and toss it in the trash, because you've went through every season without reaching for it. I know it's sad to watch them go, but it'll free up so much room in your closet (for new emmer pieces... wink, wink) and you'll just feel like a lighter person. Take your organization one step further and organize your clothes by color or by season!

The Fridge

You remember all of those Christmas leftovers your mom gave you? Yeah. It's time to deal with those. I think we're all guilty of neglecting the fridge clean-out (and maybe stocking up on some unhealthy treats in the process) during winter. Now it's time to throw out all of that unhealthy winter food and get back to stocking up on your health groups and keeping them nice and organized. Always make sure to check your fridge and pantry before going grocery shopping to ensure you don't get things that you already have. This way, they won't be crowding your fridge and they won't be expiring  before you're ready to use them. Organize your fridge by food group - dairy on one shelf, leftovers and eggs on the next shelf, and designate one drawer for meats and one for produce. Make sure to survey your fridge once a week and see what needs to be tossed!

The Laundry Room

A moment of silence for the laundry room, who, for the past few months, has been home to muddy boots, scattered umbrellas, and the endless pile of jackets. We salute you. 

First things first, clear out all dirty and muddy things and give your laundry room a GOOD sweep and mop. Wipe down all surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes. This is where all of the shoes and coats from outside usually get thrown, so be sure to sanitize! Assign specific days for specific loads, like Monday: Lights, Tuesday: Darks, etc. Keep separating color bins right next to the washing machine so it's convenient for everyone to get their clothes in the right spot (we know someone will still manage to leave a random sock on the floor. You can't win 'em all). Fold clothes as soon as they're done in the dryer to avoid a backup in the system!




A Clean House is a Happy House

You're all set and organized! All you need to do is remember to repeat these steps on a regular basis and eliminate as much potential clutter as possible. Apply these steps and tricks to all of the other rooms in your house and you'll be golden. Now, go into your new year and all the new seasons with the clean and organized house you've always wanted!




be emmer. be you.

January 29, 2019 — Caitlyn Laxton
couple on a date holding heart balloons

Effortless & Casual Outfits for Date Night with Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is one of those rare occasions when we advocate dressing to impress someone other than yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that comfort or fun should ever be sacrificed when you plan what to wear on your Valentine’s Day date. How would you play your heart out at the amusement park or scarf down pizza with abandon while worrying about a designer outfit? It simply can’t be done.

This year, impress your special person while still feeling comfortable in your skin by going for a beautiful but casual date night outfit. We’ve got several ideas for you here, and, to make sure we’ve completely got your back, we’ve thrown in some sweet accessorising tips, too!

1. The Dressiest Non-Dress Look: A Sleek Jumpsuit/Romper with Heels

woman in jumpsuit and hat

Casual jumpsuits are proof that you CAN have it all. A sleek jumpsuit combines the polished vibe of a dress with the practicality of a pair of pants. Best of all, thanks to the sheer variety of styles that are available out there, you’re sure to be able to find one that brings out your best. Feeling preppy? Some jumpsuits are totally no-nonsense and corporate-ready. Feeling free-spirited? Some styles are brimming with wanderlust vibes and would look right at home at a music festival. This one-step casual date night outfit idea is so easy that it feels unfair. Good thing it can also help you show off what you’ve got enough to knock your lover over!

How to Accessorize:

Jumpsuits look great with strappy sandals or pumps. Consider topping the look off with a weather-appropriate hat. May we recommend a versatile fedora with that jumpsuit?

2. Unapologetically Flirty: Mini Dress with Thigh High Boots or Heels

olive and white long sleeve dress

How could we talk about what to wear on your Valentine’s Day date without giving casual boho chic dresses a shout-out? While we love the practicality of pants, there will always be a place and time to prance about in your most flattering dress. For your casual date night outfit, we recommend a mini length option that shows off some leg. A bonus if your dress comes in a lovers’ shade of red or glitters with sequins – those shades would definitely get you in the mood for love. If you live in a colder climate, try layering a denim or leather boho jacket over your dress.

How to Accessorize:

One of our favorite ways to wear a mini dress is with thigh high boots, as they give off stylish vibes and have a slimming effect, to boot. To lengthen your legs, consider a pair of heels. Complete the look with a dainty clutch or a more practical cross-body bag, and don’t forget jewelry or oversized scarf!

3. Like a Celeb on Her Day Off: Tunic and Jeans/Leggings

burgundy silk cami

Want to feel truly casual in your date night outfit? Don’t underestimate the power of a well-coordinated tunic and legging combo. These tops give the illusion of a skirt while being practical enough for lots of walking. They also help you get away with wearing leggings of any variety in public. Pair your dressiest tunic—bonus if it’s red or pink—with leather-like, denim, or cotton leggings and top off the look with an optional cardigan or denim jacket.

How to Accessorize:

There are many ways to turn a tunic into the perfect casual date night outfit. They pair like a dream with scarves and long necklaces because of their longer hem length. Another perk of tunics is that they’re generally so versatile that you can go for casual OR dressy shoes and bags.

4. Effortless Parisienne Style: A Layering Camisole

burgundy silk

You could find a roomy camisole with a statement animal or floral print to wear outside of a plain white tee or pair your silk cami under an oversized knit cardigan.Complete the look with jeans, leggings, or a skirt. You can create an edgy look with grungy leather-like or denim pants. Or, you can create an elegant but casual date night outfit with a skirt of tulle or chiffon.

How to Accessorize:

There’s so much going on with this look that you can get by just fine with no jewelry at all. However, a wrist full of bangles or other bracelets can help balance out all the blank arm space. Go for a clutch and heels to keep the look sleek.

Hit a Perfect Ten in Your Casual Date Night Outfit

Who knew that casual could look so 10/10? We did! Our brand is staunchly centered on laid-back fashion, after all. By keeping things casual, you can keep intimacy at the forefront of your date night and let outfit considerations take the backseat. That’s a recipe for a successful lovers’ day, in our book.

Our fashion collection has even more inspo for what to wear on your Valentine’s Day date. Use emmer & oat clothing to create the looks in this post or view them as the starting point a casual date night outfit of your own design. The opportunities are just endless at our ever-updating label. View our newest finds today and enjoy free shipping on all orders $99 and over!

January 15, 2019 — Amber Craver
woman in grunge clothing

The Best of Women's Grunge Fashion and Its Must-Haves

Modern fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Even outfits that seem to belong entirely to this decade have ancestors in the past. At thoroughly modern fashion label emmer & oat, one of the past trends we take inspiration from is 90s women’s grunge fashion.

We can’t thank the fiercely original grunge musicians of the 90s enough for creating this highly affordable, easily attainable, non-fashion fashion look. Grunge may have a reputation for being individualistic and just plain cool, but the trend actually got its roots in the idea of NOT trying. That’s something we can get on board with. A well-coordinated grunge outfit can also look just plain sexy. What more could an on-the-go modern gal ask for?

With just a few grunge items in your closet, you’ll always be ready to throw together a super cool daily power outfit or comfy concert-going look. In this post, we’ll talk about how to dress grunge by incorporating some basic, versatile women’s grunge fashion pieces into your closet.

velvet top and distressed jeans

1. Distressed Denim Jeans Or Shorts

Casual distressed pants—whether baggy or skinny, barely ripped or barely intact—are a staple of grunge fashion. Though distressed jeans are often associated with teens and celebrities, we maintain that everyone, of any age, can pull them off. You just need to find a pair that is as bold or subtle as you are. Go for giant cutouts or put practicality first: even a tiny rip at the knee conveys lots of energy and defiance.

Pro tip: to embody the classic women’s grunge fashion look, pair destroyed jeans with a baggy band tee, flannel shirt, and Converse sneakers. If you go for destroyed denim shorts, try layering them over fishnet stockings!

fur-lined flannel shirt

2. Plaid Flannel Button-Down Shirt

Flannel is the perfect piece of outerwear for transitional weather. It’s extremely versatile—you can wear it buttoned up (preppy), unbuttoned (to expose the top you’re wearing underneath), or tied at the waist (in true grunge fashion). We love that there are so many plaid styles available, from muted to eye-catching, cute to edgy. There’s a flannel out there for almost everyone. Find a plaid flannel shirt that works for you, and you’re halfway to perfecting the art of grunge.

Pro tip: pair your flannel top with bottoms and shoes in simple patterns to keep your outfit low-key.

3. Slip Dress

Grunge fashion isn’t always slouchy and form-concealing. Slip dresses, which made their ascent to the fashion stage in the 90s thanks to lady grunge influencers such as Courtney Love, are a sexy dress style that you can and should try mixing into your repertoire. Though often modeled on women with slight frames, slip dresses can actually look great on women of any shape or size. You just need to find the right style for you. Slip dresses are definitely a must-try mainstay of women’s grunge fashion because of their easy-breezy vibe.

Pro tip: wear a slip dress on its own for an elegant look or layer it over a t-shirt for a more street-ready appearance.

black moto jacket for women

4. Leather Moto Jacket

Yes, casual sweaters for women are the classic grunge top, but we definitely wouldn’t want you to underestimate the style power of a motorcycle-ready leather jacket. Whether you’re typically an edgy dresser or not, this kind of jacket can add lots of power to your look. There’s something about the hard lines and boyish design. It introduces an interesting texture to juxtapose with softer textures, whether they be denim, cotton, or otherwise. It also adds instant style to any women’s grunge fashion look, even when paired with items that are laid-back or preppy.

Pro tip: want to wear this look without breaking the bank? Want to stay away from animal hide? Vegan leather now looks more realistic than ever. You can find some such styles in our jackets collection.

5. Combat Boots

It would be impossible to talk about how to dress grunge without bringing up the combat boot. Sturdy and versatile, this shoe works with a variety of styles, from free-spirited bohemian to full-on punk. Choose a black or brown pair for classic grunge style. If you plan to do lots of walking in your boots, then definitely splurge on a high-quality pair.

Pro tip: women’s grunge combat boots aren’t just for winter fashion! Wear them in warmer weather with shorts and optional fishnet stockings.

Shop Modern Grunge Looks

Just as the grunge music of the 90s continues to inspire our lives and dance moves, women’s grunge fashion is also 100% here to stay. Every generation figures out how to dress grunge by adapting the easygoing, wallet-friendly look to their needs. If you’ve got grunge style tips of your own to offer, we’d love to hear them from you in the comments below!

Grunge style is always trending at emmer & oat, where we offer fashion-forward looks in very wearable casual styles. Shop our newest finds now to inject your closet with a boost of effortless cool!

January 08, 2019 — Amber Craver
The Perks (and How-To’s) of Layering Casual Fashion for Women

The Perks (and How-To’s) of Layering Casual Fashion for Women

The most important thing that casual fashion can do for on-the-go women is keep us appropriately dressed for the temperature. This is no easy task. Our days are filled with all sorts of destinations: when we go out for errands, we might go from an air-conditioned store to the sweltering outdoors and back. Our days are also long: we could be sitting in a temperate office in the daytime and then heading out for a walk on the pier in the chilly nighttime.

Wearing layered clothing is the best way to handle all of the temperatures of your day. And it’s simple. It isn’t hard to throw on a light sweater and follow it with a thick jacket. However, style is another matter. It practically takes a sixth sense to layer casual fashion for women who don’t want to look bulky. Want shortcuts to attractive mixing and matching? This season, create all-day looks with more success than ever before with these emmer & oat tips for how to layer clothing to stay warm and stylish!

Layering Perk: Adapt to All Temperatures

Depending on where you live, you may experience some wonky weather days - days that can’t make their minds up about whether they’ll be cold or hot. Good thing there’s so much variety in the casual outerwear fashions available for women so you can simply customize your look to match the day.

black denim jacket

How to Get It

To put together a highly adaptable outfit, go for layering pieces that are easy to take on or off. In other words, put aside that turtleneck (the one that makes your hair frizzy when you wear it) and opt instead for:

You can combine these pieces to suit your exact needs. For instance, you can wear a sweater vest inside of a duster jacket, or you can wear a flannel button-up inside of your denim jacket. The options for combining casual fashion for women. When you find yourself heating up, just throw your outermost layer over your chair or into your bag.

Layering Perk: Dual-Purpose Your Basics

Just as milk is always better with cookies, certain pieces of clothing just work better when paired with others. Think about the items in your closet that work well as basics but feel like they’re missing something. Layer that basic clothing in classic combos to stay warm while getting more style value out of them.

blush knit cardigan over floral cami

How to Get It

Perfect layering takes experimentation (or lots of time poring over casual fashion magazines for women). That being said, we’ve compiled some ideas for tried-and-true basic combos you can wear next time it gets chilly outside. The following layered top combos go great with your fave casual pants, leggings, or slacks. Do any of them fit into your sense of style?

  • Crew neck sweater and a button up shirt - make sure the collar and shirt tail show!
  • Camisole over a t-shirt;
  • Leather jacket with a turtleneck sweater;
  • Denim jacket outside of a hoodie;
  • Blazer with a turtleneck sweater;
  • Cropped cardigan with a tunic;
  • Flannel shirt with a crop top.

As a general rule, you’ll only want one of your layering pieces to be bright or loud in design. Wear a floral print blouse inside of a plain blazer, for instance, to keep your outfit looking sleek. Wear a plain blouse inside of a floral print blazer, on the other hand, if your goal is to show off your favorite blazer.

Of course, tops aren’t the only pieces of casual fashion for women to layer with! This leads us to the next layering perk…

Layering Perk: Wear Your Dresses Year-Round

Why pigeonhole your favorite skirts to warm, summer days only? While not all dresses can be dual-purposed for layering, many of them can. Learn how to layer your skirted clothing to stay warm and you’ll be able to create a flowing silhouette, even in the winter!

sweater dress with blanket scarf layered

How to Get It

Out of all casual fashion for women, dresses are the most fun to experiment with. Since people generally expect dresses to be worn alone, a clever layered combo will always stand out. Try the following combos:

  • Slip dress over a tee shirt, long sleeve shirt, or turtleneck;
  • Sweater dress with leggings and blanket scarf;
  • Strapless dress with a turtleneck;
  • Sleeveless dress with a blouse.

Either synchronize your top and your dress for a put-together look, or juxtapose two different styles to create a more unusual style. For example, a preppy blouse and sleeveless frock will look put-together at the office, while a grungy tee shirt and feminine slip dress combo is a bolder fashion move to wear when you truly want to make a statement.

Layering Perk: Go From Loungy to Errand-Ready in Seconds

It can be impossible for women to choose the right casual fashion for day-long wear because our days are filled with so many different tasks. On days when your to-do list takes you from the outside world to home and back again, there are certain clever layered combos you can put together to avoid full-on outfit changes.

black knit cardigan and distressed jeans

How to Get It

Whether your go-to combo is a tee shirt and jeans or sweatshirt and joggers, try pairing it with these jackets to become instantly outdoors-ready:

  • Polished cardigan;
  • Leather jacket;
  • Kimono jacket;
  • Basic blazer;
  • Cozy sweater.

Stock Up on Layering Pieces

Emmer & oat is committed to bringing relaxed looks that are not just practical but also stylish. The result is effortlessly cool casual fashion for women to wear in an endless variety of settings.

Your days are about to require far fewer outfit changes. Check out our newest offerings now—we stock fresh items every day to help turn your closet into a constant source of inspiration!

January 01, 2019 — Amber Craver
woman holding flowers with mountains in the background

Laid-Back Basic Wardrobe Essentials Your Wanderlusting Soul Needs

We don’t like to see “boring” and “outfit” lumped into the same sentence – or same thought, even! Instead, we believe that your daily routine can be improved by simple, timeless fashion. That’s why we work hard to curate a collection of always spontaneous, always inspiring boho style clothing. We help you find ensembles that are both comfortable enough to keep up with your day, and unique enough to breathe life into it.

Here, we’ve rounded up the basic wardrobe essentials that can help satisfy your adventure-seeking nature while remaining practical and suitable for the everyday. Yes, you can wear this list of basic casual clothing even if you’ve got lots of places to go and people to see (and/or take care of). Continue reading for tips on how to bring out your wanderlust when you dress for travel, work, or even just plain hanging around.

Flannel Shirts

Flannel may be basic in design, but since there is such a wealth of colors available out there, you’ll always be unique when you wear yours. Flannel is so comfy and goes so well with blue jeans that we wear them even when they’re not trending. We love how they look tomboyish and fuss-free but sexy at the same time. We like to wear them tied at the waist with bell bottoms or denim shorts. Head to our stripes and patterns page to view the plaid and striped basic wardrobe essentials we have this season.

Distressed Denim

black distressed jeans

Distressed denim is one of our favorite ways to inject an everyday look with a pinch of artsy and fun. Even when we’re herding the kids to school or spending the day doing errands, we like showing that we’ve still got it (it = fun and spontaneity) by choosing destroyed denim for our t-shirt and jeans look. Who knew bottoms could be rebellious, yet comfortable at the same time? It’s positively scandalous!

Pullover Sweaters

When it’s chilly outside, pullover sweaters are the basic wardrobe essential to just throw on and go. Look for unique sweaters, whether vintage or new, that match your style and feel warm enough to keep the chilly air at bay. Throw them hastily on with your jeans, flattering joggers, or skirt-and-tights combo. The best part about knit basic casual clothing is that it comes back in style every winter!

Utility Skirt

woman in a skirt in wildflowers

What do you do when a love of skirts is in your blood but practicality and getting places is your top priority? You need a good basic essential utility skirt in your wardrobe. A denim, (faux) leather, or khaki skirt will give you adventure-archeologist vibes while also keeping up with your active lifestyle. Find pieces you won’t need to dry clean – that’s a pretty big plus if you’ve got kids or spend a lot of time outside. Pair your skirt with a button up shirt and booties for a no-nonsense look that takes no time at all.

Breathtaking Maxis

You need easy skirts in your life, but that doesn’t mean you should shun fuller, twirl-friendly pieces. Whether you’re a casual urban adventuress or a far-off wanderer, a luscious skirt is a basic wardrobe essential that can help you stand out a little more and feel just a little more free. Bring a pinch of party to the everyday with an expressive skirt. Try on one of our adventure-ready maxis to discover the difference they can make.

Everyday Kimono

A stylish variation on the open front cardigan, casual kimonos are a great piece of outerwear to choose if you prefer a less basic casual clothing style. Throw one on over your favorite top-and-bottom combo and your outfit becomes an instant hit. There’s a plethora of kimonos available out there, from silk with a traditional feel to crochet with a DIY, trendier feel. Try this look to find out if this not-so-basic wardrobe essential is for you!

Stylish Hats

woman in a wheat field wearing a fedora

Finding your hat is an important part of figuring out how to dress for travel, outdoors work, or anything else that puts you in full view of the sun. Some of our favorite accessories for stylish, everyday wear are visors, baseball caps, sunhats, and, of course, fedoras. A hat is not just a means of skin protection – it’s also an effective style item that can add a whole new dimension to your look. Get sporty vibes or California-chill vibes depending on the hat you choose. Don’t shirk this basic wardrobe essential!

Expressive Jewelry

Jewelry is not technically an essential, but it can do wonders for helping boost your confidence and sense of individuality. A well-coordinated jewelry ensemble shows that you went the extra mile to perfect your outfit and that you’re not afraid of showing off your best look. Our favorite types of jewelry for laid-back everyday wear are thin metal, crochet, and bead pieces. These are the ones that stay out of the way even when you’re on your way somewhere. Stock up on a few to add polish to your basic wardrobe essentials, especially when you’re heading out for a night on the town!

Browse Basic Casual Clothing at emmer & oat

emmer & oat is your source for fashion fixes that will last you not just this season, but also for many seasons to come. Our selection is timeless, individualistic, and full of variety. It just may gave you inspiration on how to dress more colorfully for your travel, work, and play situations alike. Shop our most recent arrivals now (we offer new items every day) and get free shipping on orders over $99!

December 27, 2018 — Brittany Elliott
women in casual workplace

Casual Outfits for Women: How to Embrace a Laid-Back Style at Work

One of our favorite perks of being our own bosses here at emmer & oat is getting to wear what we want, when we want. We love the fact that many modern workplaces are also loosening up their dress codes so that women can go for casual outfits rather than starchy and limiting suits. Are you lucky enough to have a casual dress code at your workplace? Or just still wanting to look great on Casual Friday? While your limitations are few, you may have already noticed that it can be hard to balance comfort with your desire to leave a good impression.

We’re passionate about finding the balance between practicality and spontaneity in fashion. If you love our laid-back boho women’s clothing, then you just might get some useful inspo from this guide we’ve compiled on how to dress casual for your work situation. Read on to find out what our stance is on plain white tees, blazers, and other casual work outfit staples for women.

striped hoodie and four-button skinny jeans

1. Satisfy the Following: Crisp, Clean, and Not Too Lounge-y

Casual doesn’t mean “anything goes.” Even if no one specifically told you what the no-no’s of the dress code are, common sense dictates a few. No flip-flops, dirty sneakers, tank tops, or hole-riddled t-shirts. An outfit should also be wrinkle-free and appear in good shape. It’s also good practice to dress at least one level above what you’d wear while lounging on the couch at home. Sure, some of the best casual outfits for women incorporate stylish sweatpants or a plain white tee, but those are often mixed-and-matched with classier elements to show attention to detail.

In short, iron your clothes and stay sharp!

2. Focus on a Particular Casual Style Profile

With all that fashion freedom available to you, your options are endless. Maybe even too endless. Take advantage of your casual dress code while maintaining fashion sanity by choosing a casual style through-line to stick to. For instance, stay approachable but cute by aiming for a girl-next-door look. Show that you’re chill but business-minded in blazers and slacks in refreshing cuts and colors for some of the most functional casual outfits for women out there!

Focusing on a specific style profile doesn’t mean you’re stuck forever. When the mood hits, you can always change up your look and channel a different kind of energy!

long, layered necklace

3. Throw in Some Dressier Elements

Mastering how to dress casual for work requires knowing how and when to throw in some dressy elements. In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep your outfit looking polished even on an average day. It shows that you have respect for your workplace and care about the image you project there. When women put together a casual work outfit, we try to create focal points with classy pieces of clothing or accessories. Perhaps that’s a good statement jacket, a signature pair of glasses, or a well-coordinated jewelry ensemble. Perhaps you pair your flattering jeans with an artsy blouse. An outfit that’s been spiked with a bit of professionalism can help you leave a positive impression.

4. Invest in Good Casual Shoes and a Bag

Shoes and bags are closet essentials that tend to see a lot of wear. We recommend splurging a little in these two categories to set yourself up for success. Who doesn’t want comfortable feet and a reliable place to stash their stuff? Black, brown, beige, and navy blue shoes and bags work well with most casual outfits for women, but you can also select the best colors for your personal palette. For shoes, we love booties, flats, and classic-looking sneakers. For bags, we love a good leather tote.

5. (Generally) Choose Timeless over Trendy

It’s fun to dress casual at work, but, let’s be honest, you probably keep your fashion A-game for weekends and other non-work settings (unless you work in fashion!). In the workplace, you may want to avoid being distracting (or distracted). When deciding how to dress casual for work, you can keep your closet and your bank account healthy by focusing on timeless looks. The best, most cost-effective casual work outfits for women will last you for more season than one.

casual jeans and cozy sweater

6. Try these Work-Appropriate Casual Looks:

You don’t have to create an entirely new wardrobe to be all set for a casual office. In fact, chances are you can already create some of the following outfits:

  • Casual Dress with Flats/Sandals
  • T-shirt dress with Cardigan
  • Cute Sweater with Slacks or Jeans
  • Blouse with Wide-Leg Pants
  • Crisp Jumpsuit

With a little creativity, most of your laid-back pieces can be incorporated into functional casual work outfits for women.

7. Use Fashion to Feed Your Mood!

Last but not least, make sure to wear whatever gets you in the mood to do your best work. If a yellow sweater makes you happy, now’s your chance to wear it all day, every day! If the dress code is casual but you want to exude authority and professionalism, then feel free to go above and beyond and bring corporate vibes back into the casual space!

At emmer & oat, we’re interested in adapting fashion to serve your daily needs, including both work and down time. Our signature style is confidence-boosting pieces that keep delivering from morning ‘til night. We’d like to help you refresh how you dress casually for work. Find out how to get same-day shipping and other perks, and head to our new arrivals to discover casual work outfits for women that will keep you focused and comfortable. </p>.

November 08, 2018 — Brittany Elliott
women standing by a snack table

Top Casual Boho Outfits To Wear To New Years Gatherings

If the sheer optimism of the New Year isn’t a good reason to get dressed up and get your interpersonal mingling on, then we don’t know what is. We at emmer & oat, home of boho casual women’s clothing galore, have curated this list of casual and dressy boho outfits to help you figure out how to dress to impress for all your New Year’s plans. We focus on looks that boost your glam and fierce factors so that you’re all set for the year ahead. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to get started on your New Year fashion mood board!

1. Velvet Top w/ Jeans

rust colored off shoulder sweater

Velvet is the sensuous royal highness of the fabric family. Wear it in a dainty tank top, cozy turtleneck, or classy tunic top, and your look becomes instantly chic. With your most flattering jeans, a velvet top will look just irresistible. And what’s more: while we love wearing velvet EVERY season, this look also happens to be currently trending! Get inspired by the trend while staying uniquely you by pairing velvet with your signature accessories and bottoms.

2. Chic Sweater w/ Jeans

We can’t think of a casual boho outfit more perfect for chilly weather than jeans and a unique sweater. Knit hits such as cardigans, chunky turtlenecks, crew sweaters, holiday sweaters, and Sherpa sweaters all pair with good denim jeans like a dream come true. For fancier gatherings, you can dress up the look with a statement bag, eye-catching jewelry, and feminine booties/heels.

3. Glitter Dress or Skirt

burgundy sequin dress

Glitter fabric (such as sequins) is adored by women of all ages (hint: time to match with your BFF or mini-me?). We especially love this material on a dress or a skirt because we’re fans of the flirty and party-ready vibes it brings. To go all out, pair glitter pieces with an updo and jewelry. Head to our dress collection now to explore our take on bedazzled fashion!

4. Statement Jumpsuit

Want to get dolled up while wearing the pants, so to speak, and keeping your freedom of movement at 100%? Glamorous jumpsuits make a great boho outfit for casual or dressy holiday wear. Jumpsuits are available in an endless array of styles, from sexy and ready to steal hearts, to hip and ready for work, so there’s sure to be something perfect for you.

Get Looks Worthy of the New Year

sequin skirt with tank top

The time is ripe for a fresh new state of mind, on the inside AND the outside. When deciding how to dress for your New Year’s celebrations, look for items that make you feel not just beautiful but also brand new. We know you don’t skimp on celebratory champagne, so make sure not to skimp on the celebratory fashion, either!

With the emmer & oat collection, you can go full glam this New Year’s Eve or keep your outfits boho casual. Browse what we’ve got today and remember to contact us if you’ve got any holiday dressing/shopping Q’s – we’ve got A’s for you!

October 19, 2018 — Brittany Elliott
q & a with @chloe__huds

q & a with @chloe__huds

What advice would you give a newbie fashion blogger?

Don’t give up! It is for sure a hard business.....

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q & a with TRENDY IN INDY

q & a with TRENDY IN INDY

What are your beauty + wellness necessities?

My husband would tell you "way too many," but at the end of the day I have my top 5:

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