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Unique Accessories

You’ve prepared go-to tops and bottoms for this season, but have you picked out your accessories to finish off those outfits? The right accessories will guarantee that every outfit looks complete. Find the edgy accessories that speak to your style when you shop Emmer & Oat. From retro hats to layered necklaces, we have it all. Browse our collection now!

Casual & Effortless

Emmer & Oat is all about helping you create an effortless, chic look with casual accessories. The right accessories can boost your confidence, help you express your aesthetic, and ensure your personality shines through. Whether you’re heading out for a fun-filled day with friends or a date night with your significant other, our classic jewelry with a tempestuous twist is the flattering finish you need. Check out our other accessory categories, too, including:

When you shop our edgy accessories at Emmer & Oat, you’re telling the world all about you. The pieces we choose aren’t wholly polished and sophisticated. There’s a little bit of rough and tumble rock and roll that inspires each piece. Wear our jewelry and accessories to elevate your style while revealing the badass girl within.

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If you want to find unique pieces that fit the needs of your lifestyle, Emmer & Oat is the place to shop. Our collections of edgy accessories blend sophistication with a rock flair to help you create a look that’s all your own. Visit our store often to find new pieces that are undeniably you.

Ready to shop other pieces for your wardrobe? Make sure to check out our new arrivals for our seasonal favorites.

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