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Boho Accessories

You’ve prepared go-to tops and bottoms for this season, but have you selected the cherries on top yet? The right accessories will help any outfit look more complete, and these are easy to find here at emmer & oat. We’ve got the pieces your dresser needs in stock now!

Putting the “Fun” in “Function”

All accessories have an important function, even if that is just to boost your confidence in your look. Our artsy silver jewelry will ensure that, even on a casual fashion day, your unique personality and creative sense of style will shine through. That’ll come in handy whether you’re going on a movie date or waiting in line at the DMV.

Some boho style accessories, such as fedoras, are both useful and flattering. That gives us just another excuse to wear them every single day, including on errands and at the office. Toss these stylish hats on, along with jeans and a top, to keep the sunlight out of your face and elevate your style, while you’re at it.

Shop Casual Accessories Now

To cover all the unique needs of your busy lifestyle, we stock items for both casual and work settings. Moreover, we only carry boho accessories that won’t get in the way of an on-the-go lifestyle. Find unique, timeless accessories here at our dedicated fashion label, where new arrivals come not once in awhile but every. single. day!

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