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Cute, casual dresses are the perfect go-to choice for any #Emmergirl. From simple cotton dresses ideal for errands to beautiful maxi dresses sure to turn heads at summer music festivals, every item is as fun as it is simple. Make room in your fashion routine for pieces you can dance in! We carry a large selection of comfortable dresses for women who like to look good and feel laid back at the same time. With amazing cuts and beautiful colors, there’s something for every aesthetic.

Yasss, girl, some even have pockets!

Cute, Casual, and High-Quality

No one likes casual dresses that are cute but make you want to peel them off the moment you get home. The Liz aesthetic is all about comfort and style, so that’s what you’ll find in our dresses. Crafted from premium materials to feel great against your skin, they’re made to last so you can choose a fave and wear it from festival season to pumpkin spice season.

We’re constantly working to give you the latest trends and the best casual clothes. Don’t miss our new finds in great styles and beautiful colors. Comfortable dresses are women’s wardrobe necessities, and choosing one is the best way to get the Liz look!

Be Your Own Fashion Icon

Life is too short for frumpy or restrictive dresses. If you have any questions about our clothing, let us know! Pick up your new cute, casual dresses from Emmer today and join Emmer VIP to save 30% off that first order!

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