Women’s Casual Hats

Your personality shines no matter where you go, so why shouldn’t your outfit? Take the stress out of accessorizing with go-with-anything fedoras that you can just throw on in the mornings. You’ll want to keep your signature hat close to the door so you never leave home without it.

Put Your Spin on the Classic Look

Lots of pop culture icons have an undying love for the functional and fashionable fedora. Whether you’re looking to emulate your fashion hero’s style or create something entirely new, these hats are super easy to work into your looks. They go with casual boho dresses as well as cozy women's casual jackets and look especially at home with neutral and muted colors. Classy has never looked so relaxed!

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Versatile style hits, such as fedoras, could change the way you get dressed in the mornings. Did you choose sleeping in over dealing with your hair, or are you having trouble getting your hair to do what you want? Throw on a fedora! We carry them in classic colors as well as popular modern colors, so find the one that fits right in with your style. Shop our casual women’s hats now and pair them with your favorite casual wear from emmer & oat!

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