Casual Boho Sweaters

 How can something be so comfy be so stylish, too? Most outerwear trends come and go, but every decade—nay, every year—has its sweaters. emmer & oat sweaters range from retro to boho and super modern, knit to fleece and sherpa. In other words, we’ve got cozy pieces for sweater lovers of all kinds.

Make a Statement or Stay Caj

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, there’s a flattering everyday sweater here that’s right for you. You could top off a basic tee-and-casual pants combo with a bright or uniquely-designed sweater to make the look pop, or you could pair that same combo with a fuss-free sweater in a soft, girl-next-door style to stay approachable. Subtle jewelry (especially in silver and gold) always goes great with simple sweaters, too, so make sure to give that a try!

Browse Cozy Companions for this Season

Sweater weather is the best weather for fashion and coziness, too! We carry a wide range of pieces for chilly summer nights as well as harsh wintry ones. Shop casual boho sweaters for women and remember that we offer free shipping on orders $99 and over.

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