Emmer - The Brand

The Celebration of Imperfection.


Our CEO - Liz Santa

"I'll say what we are all thinking; it's time for something new."

Emmer was founded because of a lack of options. The fashion world (before now) has forgotten the edgy street style that we love. They have forgotten about the outsiders. We are here to fill that void.

At Emmer, we are classic with an edge. We are rough. We aren’t always prim and pretty with perfect nails or curls in our hair, but we are always unique. That’s who we are—we are gritty and confident. We don’t quit when something is "hard.” We know the best style—it’s the one that makes us feel like a badass. – Liz

We all have a story to tell...

You know the story, "small business,” "hard-working,” “started so small with no money and a baby,” "strife and struggle,” blah blah blaaahhh...we've had enough of that! You've read it a thousand times and will read it a thousand more times on these "about us" pages. Honestly, who cares. Sure, we have one of those stories, and yes, we have fought tirelessly, but more importantly, we believe in building a brand based on quality and trust—not trend or the cutesy story of its founders.

We believe in fairness in all cases. We believe in working hard, playing hard, and living an awesome f**king life. With your help, we may be able to say it loud and break through the static of the common and ordinary—"BE YOU, BE A BADASS, BE EMMER."

If you have followed the Emmer journey, you know it hasn't always been so "put together." We are growing, and we plan to be around for a while. As style and society change, so may we. We have all seen how fast the world can change; we are all along for the ride. Though, there are a few things you will always be able to count on at Emmer, as thousands of women can attest to. When you order from us, you can expect exceptional garments, exceptionally fast, every time. Let us show you how enjoyable we have made the online shopping experience.

Our North Carolina location at Champagne Drive


E-Commerce & Trust

When Emmer began, we understood the risk and trust a person puts in a brand when purchasing online. Now more than ever, we do not take that trust lightly. It is humbling when we see a first-time purchase, and we believe we have a responsibility to make the shopping experience as easy and fast as possible. Not only the first time but every time—guaranteed.

We ship all orders the same day, Monday–Friday, with orders placed before noon EST. Every single one of our styles is shipped from our warehouse by Emmer staff in Asheboro, NC. The majority of orders arrive to you in 3 days or less anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Our dedicated team demands the perfection and speed of every style that leaves our North Carolina facility.

Elizabeth Santa in a white dress
Yeah, We Have a Mission

This is our promise: You will receive a quality garment, and you will receive it fast. We photograph all styles in-house. You will receive the EXACT style pictured in the photo, not a reproduction. (You may see Liz and our photos elsewhere on social media. We assure you that we have not given permission or license to those fraudulent companies, nor are they selling the same product. Think of it like buying a fake Rolex on a street corner. The internet has adopted counterfeit companies, so beware.)

We are dedicated to quality. We ensure that the stitching and fit of every style we bring to Emmer are exceptional. If you have questions about any of this, our phones are ready for you Monday–Friday 8–4 pm EST, so give us a call! We will be happy to answer any questions you have. Phone calls aren’t your thing? Send us an email at customerservice@emmerandoat.com. Typical response times are same day, Monday–Friday.

Thank you for visiting our site. Take a look at all we have to offer and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

-Team Emmer