The Story of Emmer & Oat

The Gypsy Meeting...

"...the belief of absolute, unobstructed, freedom."

In 1903, a young wayward soldier and a mysterious gypsy girl crossed in the dim, lantern lit paths of a midnight traveling circus.

Both lived life as if it had no end - death was only a fairy tale. Moving in opposite directions, they brushed against one another in the cool October air, it took only a single look; they fell in love.

Like winding, overgrown and forgotten dirt roads, they joined together and traveled as one. Two souls now with a single conscience and a dangerously important purpose; experience life in all its triumph and failure, ease and hardship together.

To the ends of the earth and back, they made their mark. Saw it, tasted it, felt the bitter cold of the arctic and the scorching heat of the desert. These two didn’t simply travel, they roamed. The defiance and the beauty of a bohemian spirit defined their lives. 


New Life ∞

With their love came new life. Two miracle dreamers, brought into the world by fate and taught how to be free. What good are hands if not used to create?

EThese two idols never settle or grow sedentary. They will never die. They fight for the untouchable, seemingly unreachable satisfaction of a life well-lived. They built bridges, cathedrals, grand cities and peaceful sanctuaries. They never stop screaming "WE ARE HERE!"

The lost soldier, Nathaniel Oat, and his love, Clementina Emmer will live on forever, contained in the belief of absolute, unobstructed, freedom.

Emmer & Oat (1883-1978) - Our Memory est. 2015

The story will continue... The Road Goes on Forever